Goodbye GMB App, Hello Instagram Tests & More

15 July, 2022

6 mins read

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Google has announced the Google My Business (GMB) app will close in July 2022. But what does this mean for businesses? How do they still update their profile on the go?

Plus, Instagram has been very busy testing new features that may be introduced in the near future.

This week, the top business and marketing news highlights were:

  • FREE TikTok Course for Small Businesses
  • Pinterest Adds NEW Shopping Features
  • Twitter Tests Collaborative Tweets
  • Google Search Console Releases New Video Indexing Report
  • Instagram Tests Desktop Streaming Software
  • TikTok Launches NEW Inventory Filters
  • Is your Google My Business app not working?
  • Instagram Tests NEW Features

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 11 July to 15 July 2022

FREE TikTok Course for Small Businesses

TikTok launches a FREE educational series ‘Follow Me’, to help businesses boost their performance on the platform.

Follow Me has been designed to inspire small businesses and creators to improve their marketing approach for TikTok. 

Get started on the course here:

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Pinterest Adds NEW Shopping Features

Pinterest released four new features to help small businesses provide users with a more interactive shopping experience

The new features include:

  • Shoppable Pins via product tagging
  • Shop tab on business profiles
  • Shopping API
  • Videos in product catalogues

Twitter Tests Collaborative Tweets

Twitter is internally testing a co-tweeting feature called CoTweet, enabling users to collaborate on a single tweet. 

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Google Search Console Releases New Video Indexing Report

Google confirms the Video indexing report will roll out over the next few months. The report will help debug video indexing issues.

This report summarises all the video pages Google found while crawling and indexing your site. It will help you:

  • See how many video landing pages Google discovered and in how many of them a video was indexed.
  • Examine reasons for unindexed videos on landing pages.
  • Use the list of affected video pages URLs to debug and fix issues.
  • Validate fix to initiate recrawling of known affected URLs.

Instagram Tests Desktop Streaming Software

Instagram has begun testing a new streaming software called ‘Live Producer’, enabling users to go live from their desktop.

TikTok Launches NEW Inventory Filters

TikTok’s Inventory Filters will help advertisers choose the type of content their ads are displaying within the feed.

Is your Google My Business app not working?

The Google My Business mobile app has officially closed this month, leaving the Google Maps app as the best place for replying to customer messages on mobile.

To manage individual profiles, you’ll soon be directed to Search. Managing profiles in bulk will still be available on Business Profile Manager.

Instagram Tests NEW Features

Instagram is currently testing a new ‘Notes’ shelf in your IG Direct inbox and ads on user profiles.

The latest features Instagram is testing are:

  • Instagram Notes: 60-char long updates you can leave for all of your connections to see at the top of your inbox.
  • Profile Page Ads: A new option enabling users to show ads on their profile page.
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