Tap to Phone: A Game-Changer for Small Businesses 

3 November, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and flexibility are paramount for both businesses and consumers. The rise of contactless payments has revolutionised the way we make transactions. Now, Tap to Phone technology is going to take this convenience to a whole new level, particularly for small businesses.

More Australian banking providers are jumping on board with modern technology, meaning the days of chasing down invoices, or charging your portable POS may soon be over.

What is Tap to Phone and how does it work?

Tap to Phone is a groundbreaking technology that transforms NFC-enabled phones into secure payment terminals. This means businesses can accept contactless payments from customers’ cards or mobile wallets without the need for additional hardware or equipment.

The process is remarkably simple! Download a Tap to Phone app from your preferred payment service provider and activate it on your NFC-enabled device. When a customer wants to make a payment, they simply tap their contactless card or mobile wallet on your phone, and the transaction is securely processed. Westpac, Tyro Payments, ANZ, Stripe, NAB, and Zeller are payment platforms in Australia that offer Tap to Phone to their business customers.

Benefits of Tap to Phone for Small Businesses

Tap to Phone offers a multitude of benefits for small businesses, making it an attractive and viable payment solution. There is no doubt small business owners are busier than ever, having a simple payment solution gives them one less thing to worry about.

It revolutionises small businesses’ payment acceptance methods by eliminating the need for costly POS hardware and setup fees, rendering it an affordable and accessible solution for businesses of all sizes. In addition to affordability, Tap to Phone brings numerous advantages, such as increased mobility, improved customer experience, and simplified payment processing.

With Tap to Phone, businesses can accept payments anytime, anywhere, utilising just their phone, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go operations like food trucks and mobile merchants. Moreover, it offers customers a seamless, convenient and secure payment experience; they can simply tap their contactless card or mobile wallet on the merchant’s device to complete a payment.

In a world shifting towards a cashless society, Tap to Phone is set to become an essential tool for small businesses due to its user-friendliness, affordability, and versatility. Ultimately, this will reshape the payment landscape for businesses of all sizes and promote a more interconnected and convenient payment ecosystem.

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