Performance Boost: Game-Changing Aussie Advertising Solution

2 February, 2024

4 mins read

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What is Performance Boost?

Performance Boost effortlessly expands the customer reach of small businesses across Australia, serving as an innovative solution. This groundbreaking Australian-first advertising solution is tailored to showcase small businesses across six key Google channels.

Turning Websites into Lead Magnets

Performance Boost serves as a valuable tool for businesses aiming to transform their websites into lead magnets. This innovative solution facilitates small businesses in seamlessly reaching new customers across six channels, all powered by their existing website content. As an Australian-first offering, it streamlines the process of reaching target audiences, providing businesses with an easier means to enhance their reach and visibility.

Enhanced Reach and Visibility

Our unique offering is designed to position your website in front of consumers who resonate and engage most with your product or service. Through cross-channel advertising, businesses can now extend their reach across various Google platforms, including Search, Display, Gmail, YouTube, Discovery, and Maps, significantly enhancing visibility.

Advanced Machine Learning

Performance Boost utilises cutting-edge AI technology to dynamically optimise ads across a diverse range of Google channels in real-time. This ensures that your advertising efforts are continuously refined and tailored to maximise engagement with your target audience.

Generating Traffic with Smart Bidding

By leveraging Smart Bidding, Performance Boost assists in driving traffic to your website while optimising performance in real-time. This ensures that your advertising investment not only attracts attention but also converts clicks into valuable leads.

Kareela Constructions: Thriving with Performance Boost

One success story that illustrates the impact of Performance Boost is Kareela Constructions, based in Tamworth. Renowned for their transformative design and construction services, Kareela Constructions faced the challenge of effectively targeting their niche audience across Tamworth, Gunnedah, and Narrabri.

The Project Brief

With a recent investment in a new website through Localsearch, Craig Martin, the licensed builder since 1990 and leader of Kareela Constructions, sought to maximise the return on investment by enhancing the company’s online visibility. The challenge was finding a cost-effective solution that optimised the business’s online visibility.


Since implementing Performance Boost, Kareela Constructions has experienced remarkable growth in website performance, with a 40% increase in new website users, over 11,000 impressions, and more than 460 clicks in just a short period.

With enhanced reach, advanced machine learning, and tangible results, Performance Boost is the key to unlocking the full potential of your online presence.

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