Make Money on Snapchat, New Changes to ABNs & Other News

18 February, 2022

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User experience is clearly going to be a priority across the board in 2022 with Snapchat releasing new ways to make money, new changes to ABNs and other business and marketing news from this week.

In this week’s business and marketing news, we saw:

New updates to Google Analytics.

  • Pinterest Presents announced for another year.
  • Data revealing how much time Australians are spending on TikTok.
  • ABNs being updated to allow for multiple business activities.
  • Instagram is privatising likes on Stories.
  • Twitter is cracking down on bots.
  • Snapchat is adding new monetisation features for creators.

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This Month’s Marketing & Business News Highlights — 7 February 2022 to 18 February 2022 

Pinterest Announces Pinterest Presents 2022 Global Summit 

Registration for the 2022 Pinterest Presents Global Summit is now open.

Pinterest Presents will be held online on Thursday, 10 March 2022, 10:00am AEST.

This year’s ad and trends summit will be hosted by none other than Queer Eye fashion expert and TV host Tan France.

You’ll also see segments from Pinterest’s Co-Founder & CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Content Officer, Global Head of Ads Product Marketing, Director of Business Marketing, Country Manager UK & Ireland and Global Head of Industry Marketing.

There will also be features from some of the world’s leading content creators.

Check out last year’s Registration for the 2022 Pinterest Presents Global Summit.

Google Announces New Search Ads 360 

On the 8 February, Google announced new improvements to the new Search Ads 360 platform, now build with the same technology as Google Ads.

Search Ads 360 allows advertisers to manage campaigns across multiple search engines, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and now Yahoo! Japan.

The new improvements to Search Ads 360 will allow the platform to process more data at once. This will allow advertisers to centralise and scale day-to-day tasks across multiple search engine campaigns.

You can also find more support in new Google Ads features, like Performance Max and Discovery campaigns.

New Data Reveals Australians are Spending an Average of 23.4 Hours a Month on TikTok 

Hootsuite and We Are Social released their Digital 2022 report, showcasing how Australians are spending an average of 23.4 hours a month on TikTok.

This is a stark contrast to only an average of 17.6 hours spent on Facebook and 8.3 hours spent on Instagram.

It highlights why businesses and marketers need to keep their fingers on the pulse of where their audience is spending their time and not keeping their eggs in one basket.

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Businesses Now Able to Register Up to Four Additional Business Activities Under One ABN 

The Australian Government announced on the 7 February 2022 that businesses can now register up to four additional business activities under one ABN.

Until this update, you could only register a single main business activity per ABN.

It’s said the pandemic and recent natural disasters brought the importance of this need for this new update to the government’s attention. Allowing for multiple business activities under one ABN allows for more accurate reporting of business information to provide support in emergencies.

Google Announces Three New Updates to the Google Ads Platforms 

The three new changes to Google Ads coming in mid-March include:

The option to show automated and manual extensions together. 

As of mid-March, you can show both manual and dynamic sitelinks together. This helps encourage higher click-through rates by showing the most relevant information to users at once.

Reporting for automatically created extensions. 

Before mid-March, you’ll be able to find data for your automatically created extensions, listed under the Extensions Page. This will give you more information to optimise your campaigns.

From mid-March, you can serve sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets from higher levels with extensions of the same type from lower levels.

Instagram Changing How You See Story Likes 

Right now, if someone ‘likes’ one of your Instagram Stories, you’ll receive the like notification in a direct message, which can quickly clog up your inbox.

On Valentine’s Day, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced as of this week, the social media platform will provide users with a ‘like’ button on stories next to the ‘Send Message’ button on Stories from users you follow.

The creator will be able to see how many likes a Story has had under their Stories view sheet next to the heart symbol.

As a creator, it will allow you more transparency of how your Stories are resonating with your audience.

Snapchat Enabling New Monetisation Opportunities for Creators 

Snapchat has announced they are currently testing allowing creators to run ads between creator’s Snaps.

This monetisation feature would only be available to verified Snap Stars for now, but allows businesses new ways to advertise to audiences on Snapchat.

Twitter is Rolling Out a Good Bot Tag 

Twitter has been testing labelling accounts to notify users of accounts utilising automated extensions to update their Twitter accounts for some time now.

This week, they have added a label option to allow accounts to label themselves as ‘good’ bots.

In theory, this allows useful information, such as weather events, urgent public information and news to be marked as trustworthy for users.

Twitter’s update comes as a way to help users be able to identify more reliable sources of information on the platform.

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