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16 December, 2021

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Chantal Gerardy Facebook Coach

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Are you struggling to get results out of your organic (unpaid) social media? Have you tried posting on Facebook but rarely get engagement? Is your Facebook following not growing? Would you like to receive leads from your organic social media posting?

Learn the tricks of the trade from award-winning social media strategist Chantal Gerardy.

Her top 5 tips for upping your social media game in 2022 will help you create fast, free results from Facebook and prepare your business for the next stage — social media ads! 

Be sure to check out Chantal’s interview on The Help Me Grow My Business Podcast for even more tips and tricks for increasing your Facebook performance in the new year.

How to Up Your Social Media Game in 2022

1. Clean up your personal social media.

As a business owner, you are part of your business — a big part. If you’re on social media and people can find you, ensure your profile aligns with your business.

As a business owner, you want to log in to your own personal Facebook page and check:

  • Your settings and privacy settings, ensuring you understand what they allow your friends and people who are not a connection to see.
  • Your about section is completely filled out and includes links to your business page/s.
  • The links to your business page/s work and are not broken. This will need to be checked regularly.

If you would rather people not be able to find or explore your personal profile, head to your settings and adjust who can search for you and what anyone who is not a direct friend connection on your profile can see.

2. Ensure you own your Facebook business page.

It’s common for business owners to have a friend or family member create a Facebook page for them. You want to ensure you have access to your business’s Facebook page and only those you want to have the ability to change or update your profile to have access.

To check who has permission to your Facebook Business Page, sign into your account, head to the settings tab and select Page Roles.

What to do if you do not have ownership of your Facebook Business Page?

If you have a business page on Facebook but do not have access, visit and contact Facebook directly. You will need ID and proof of ownership of the business, but they will guide you through the process.

3. Stalk your own personal Facebook profile. 

When you visit your own Facebook profile page (not your feed), you will see three horizontal dots on the right-hand side beneath your cover photo. If you click this, you will be able to view as a member of the public who is not friends with you.

What can they see? What may they think of the type of person you are, therefore, the type of business you run? For example, if you run a childcare business, someone looking to use your business would likely be put off by photos of you partying every weekend or inappropriate language used in your posts frequently.

Now, it’s not to say don’t share photos of your life without thinking about your business first, but consider having your profile set to private to the public or restrict who can see some of your photos.

4. Learn more about your ideal client on social media.

Other than speaking with your clients or customers, there is no better way to learn about what they like than by ‘stalking’ them on social media. Check out the profiles of people who follow you and see who they follow and engage with, the types of posts they share, the language they use, etc.

This can help you get a good idea of what you may be able to post to increase your engagement and provide value to your audiences’ lives.

5. Explore what your competitors are doing on social media.

Another way to get some posting ideas is to see what your competitors are doing and what their audience is most engaging with. This isn’t to say to copy them as you want to provide unique value, but get some ideas, like are they receiving a lot of attention on posts about their staff, before and after photos, tips, blog shares, etc.?

Who is Chantal Gerardy? 

Chantal Gerardy is an award-winning social media coach and Facebook strategist who empowers business owners with the skills to run their own organic Facebook successfully. Her more than a decade of a business owner and 6+ years as a social media coach gives her the insight into how to make utilising Facebook easy and effective for even the busiest of business owners.

When she isn’t turning Facebook pages into million-dollar marketing tools for businesses, Chantal is sharpening her skills with her new-found skill, skurfing.

Visit Chantal’s Facebook page for more information about your organic social services.

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