Instagram Tests NEW Ad Options & More

7 October, 2022

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Have you heard about the latest updates to Instagram Ads? If you promote your business via ads on Instagram, you are going to want to read about the latest ad features being tested.

Find out the latest updates and new features in this week’s business, tech and marketing news, including:

  • 10 of the Biggest Updates Coming to Google Search
  • Instagram Expands Test of Multiple Links in User Bios 
  • LinkedIn Has Launched Three New Ad Tools
  • Meta Updates ‘Call Ads’ 
  • Twitter is Updating How You Tweet 
  • Instagram Tests NEW Ad Option, Explore Placement and Interactive AR Displays 

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 4 October to 7 October 2022

Google reveals 10 of the most significant updates coming to Google Search at its Search On 22 Event, including: 

  1. Google will expand multi-search to 70 new languages.
  2. Multisearch ‘near me’ to release soon.
  3. Clearer translated text in Google Lens.
  4. New shortcuts added to the Google Search app on iOS.
  5. New search refinements and aids.
  6. More visual information for search results.
  7. A new explore feature as you scroll.
  8. Discussions and forums section.
  9. Translated local and international news.
  10. Personalised ‘About this result’ feature.

Instagram Expands Test of Multiple Links in User Bios 

Instagram is enabling more creators to add multiple links to their profile bio. Multiple links could prove helpful to businesses if Instagram enables the feature to all users. 

LinkedIn Has Launched Three New Ad Tools

LinkedIn has launched three NEW ad tools to help inform your strategy across all phases of the marketing funnel and maximize your LinkedIn campaigns.

  • ‘Document Ads’.
  • Offline conversion data integration.
  • A new Media Library for storing and sourcing ad content.

What are Document Ads on LinkedIn? 

Document Ads ensure your content is in-feed so users don’t have to jump out of the LinkedIn platform to view your content. Regarding running Document Ads, ensure to monitor the likes and comments, as well as setting your audience for all ideal customer profile buyers.

Meta Updates ‘Call Ads’ 

Meta is testing a new ‘call back’ feature, giving people the option to request a call back from your business if you can’t take their initial call.

Twitter is Updating How You Tweet 

You can now add a combination of media to your tweet on Android and iOS.

Simply select the photo icon in the tweet composer to combine text, photos, videos and GIFs into a single tweet.

Instagram Tests NEW Ad Option, Explore Placement and Interactive AR Displays 

Instagram has announced it is testing ads formats, including:

  •  Adding ads to the Explore page mixed in with users’ posts.
  • Testing profile feed ads, ‘which is the feed experience that people can scroll through after visiting another account’s profile and tapping on a post’.
  • A new Multi-Advertiser Ads feature to display additional promotions for a similar business.
  • Instagram is opening the beta of its AR Ads to more businesses.
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