Free April 2023 Content Planner Template

28 February, 2023

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FREE April Content Calender

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We know planning your social media strategy can be time consuming!

So, to make your life a little easier, we’ve created a FREE April 2023 Content Planner you can download now.

April is full of important days you can recognise, from World Health Day to Love Your Pet Day. We have ideas for social media posts, reels and blogs.

If you follow the link above, you will also find we have included some free post templates you can modify to suit your business when creating social media content in April.

Important Dates for Your April 2023 Content Planner

World Autism Awareness Day: Sunday, 2 April 2023

World Autism Awareness Day was declared as 2 April by the United Nations General Assembly to highlight the need to improve the quality of life for those with autism. Autism is a lifelong neurological condition that manifests during early childhood, irrespective of gender, race or socio-economic status.

Many industries are finding ways to provide appropriate support, accommodation and acceptance of neurological variations like autism. Let this day be a reminder to tie in your businesses approach to helping those with disabilities enjoy equal opportunity.

Ways to recognise World Autism Awareness Day on social media:

  • Share information about autism in a social media post to combat the lack of understanding surrounding the condition.
  • For a more light-hearted approach, share a clip from the Netflix series ‘Love on the Spectrum’ to spread awareness.
  • Two out of three of the total number of children with autism face bullying. If you work in the education sector, take this day to educate your students about autism and inclusion.

World Health Day: Friday, 7 April 2023

On this year’s World Health Day, the World Health Organisation will observe its 75th anniversary of improving public health. This day is an opportunity to look back at past public health successes and motivate action to tackle current and future health challenges.

COVID-19 has been a significant health crisis for small businesses across the world. Be sure to acknowledge the customers who have stuck by you and the hardships your business has overcome in recent years.

Ways to recognise World Health Day on social media:

  • Remind your followers ‘health’ comes in many forms. Encourage them to check on their own physical, emotional and mental health and that of those around them.
  • Have a sale on health-related products or services. For example, exercise sessions, healthy meals or mindfulness sessions.

Easter Sunday: Sunday, 9 April 2023

Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. While not everyone participates in the festivities, Australians often celebrate by gifting Easter eggs and spending time with loved ones.

Ways to recognise Easter Sunday on social media:

  • Wish your followers a Happy Easter. You could even include an ‘egg-cellent’ pun.
  • Give something back to your customers this Easter with special offers and limited-time only discounts shared on your socials.
  • If you work in hospitality or even just have a physical store, offer free easter eggs to your customers when they purchase something.

National Golfer’s Day: Monday, 10 April 2023

Some passionate golfers might suggest any and every day is Golfer’s Day. However, National Golfer’s Day is an event officially dedicated to all lovers of golf. As a small business, you should take this opportunity to recognise any local sporting teams you sponsor or support. 

Ways to recognise Golfer’s Day on social media:

  • If you have any golfers in your workplace, share some photos of them out on the green. 
  • You could even take your team for a game of putt-putt and create a reel.
  • Share a video on your story of an impressive golf shot.

Earth Day: Saturday, 22 April 2023

Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement, raising awareness of the need to protect our planet’s natural resources for future generations. The day aims to make our world a happier, healthier place to live, which I’m sure we can all appreciate. This is a great opportunity to highlight your business’s approach to sustainability and doing your part for our planet.

Ways to recognise Earth Day on social media:

  • Get involved in Earth Day by picking up rubbish or planting trees and share your involvement.
  • Spead awareness through facts about our planet and ways your followers could get involved in your local area.
  • If you work in the education sector, you could get your students to make an Earth artwork using recycled materials.

ANZAC Day: Tuesday, 25 April 2023

The 25 April of each year marks the anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand forces (ANZACs) landing on Gallipoli in 1915 during the First World War. ANZAC Day now includes the remembrance of all Australians killed in military operations with commemorative services held at dawn across the nation.

The day holds great significance for Australians so be mindful to keep your social media strategy respectful and authentic.

Ways to recognise ANZAC Day on social media:

  • Post information for the local community to direct them to the dawn services or the march in your area.
  • If you have a staff member (or a member of their immediate family) with service history, they could speak to their experience and what ANZAC Day means to them. Potentially could even do a podcast episode or blog.

Pay it Forward Day: Friday, 28 April 2023

We have all experienced the incredible power of giving and the positive energy it spreads. So, why not make a day out of it? Pay it Forward Day is all about people giving to someone else and making a positive difference in their life.

Ways to recognise Pay it Forward Day on social media:

  • Remind your followers on the day to pay it forward and spread awareness of the meaning behind the day.
  • Get your team to share a recent moment in their lives where a random act of kindness from someone else made their day.
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