Facebook to Change Main Feed, Farewell Internet Explorer & More 

17 June, 2022

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This week, we said goodbye to the iconic browsing platform Internet Explorer, which ran for 27 years.

A leaked memo also revealed this week that the Facebook team are changing the platform’s main feed to focus on video content.

In other business and marketing news from 13 June to 17 June 2022:

  • Google Expands Requirement for Ads with Financial Products & Services 
  • LinkedIn Announces Business Manager 
  • Eight Updates for Google Ads Manager 
  • Microsoft Teams Has Adopted AI Technology 
  • Repeating Stories Bug on Instagram 
  • The End of Internet Explorer 
  • Facebook is Reconstructing Main Feed Algorithm to Focus on Video Content 
  • Pinterest Launches Two NEW Ad Tools 

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 13 June 2022 to 17 June 2022

Google Expands Requirement for Ads with Financial Products & Services

Advertisers will now have to show they’re authorised and complete Google’s advertiser verification program before running financial ads through Google.

To break it down, advertisers will have to:

  • Demonstrate they are authorised by their respective financial services regulator.
  • Complete Google’s advertiser verification program which consists of multiple step-by-step requirements.

The new policy will go into effect on 30 August 2022.

LinkedIn Announces Business Manager

LinkedIn is rolling out a new Business Manager tool for businesses to manage people, ad accounts, and business pages and marketing activities.

LinkedIn’s Business Manager tool will offer businesses:

  • A central dashboard for viewing and managing teams, ad accounts, pages, and business partners.
  • Easier management and control of admin tasks such as permissions and billing.
  • The ability to share and update Matched Audiences across ad accounts.

Eight Updates for Google Ads Manager

Google Ads Manager has received eight new updates including Google Analytics 4 (GA4), optimised pricing and more said to be rolled out soon.

On top of that, Google Ads Manager will also be receiving active view measurement, app-ads.txt and query migration coming soon.

Microsoft Teams Has Adopted AI Technology 

Microsoft Teams is now using AI to improve echoing, interruptions and acoustics during Teams calls.

Microsoft has been testing the machine learning models for months, alongside real-time screen optimisations for text in videos.

Repeating Stories Bug on Instagram

Instagram is currently fixing a bug that is forcing users to re-watch old Stories before seeing new ones.

It is unknown the number of affected Instagram users, however, several of them are expressing their thoughts about the issue on other social media platforms such as Twitter.

The End of Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer officially retires today after 27 years. Microsoft recommends for Internet Explorer users to switch to Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer made its debut in 1995 and remained number one until 2012, making it an iconic piece of history for technology. 

Facebook is Reconstructing Main Feed Algorithm to Focus on Video Content 

Facebook has begun its ‘near-term’ plans for the main feed to focus on video content, such as Reels and stories.

The new direction for Facebook’s main feed comes from CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s top priority of making the platform a ‘discovery engine’.

As Instagram has already begun focusing on short-formed videos, we might be seeing a similar format for Facebook sooner rather than later.

Pinterest Launches Two NEW Ad Tools

Pinterest is adding two new tools including ‘Idea Ads’ and a Paid Partnership Tool for businesses on the platform.

  • Idea Ads, like Idea Pins, with the addition of custom links.
  • Paid Partnership Tool to generate income via tagging businesses in Idea Pins.
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