Business Growth Tips from Balance Mobility: A Success Story 

2 November, 2023

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In this episode of The Help Me Grow My Business Podcast, we sit down with Terry and Lauren, the dynamic duo behind Balance Mobility, a thriving business based on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast. They share their journey from purchasing the business in 2016 to achieving remarkable growth. As we dive into their experiences and insights, you’ll discover valuable tips for scaling your small business and learn from their firsthand lessons.  

Listen to the full episode below! 

How it all Began — Starting with a Leap of Faith 

Terry and Lauren’s success story begins with a leap of faith. In 2016, Lauren was on a journey to find a business that would allow her to balance her work with her growing family. Little did she know that right around the time of acquiring the business, she was expecting their second child. Terry decided to quit his job as an architect to join the venture, and from there, Balance Mobility began its transformation. 

They recognised the growth potential of the business and quickly expanded to open a second store, effectively scaling their operations. The new location was a much larger store, boasting a wide range of products. Their strategic move paid off, leading to rapid growth and the addition of new staff members. 

TOP TIP: Don’t Fear Taking Calculated Risks 

One critical takeaway from their journey is the willingness to take calculated risks. Terry and Lauren’s ability to see the positives and take a leap of faith set them apart. Many aspiring business owners grapple with fear, but this dynamic duo’s success is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities. 

How did Balance Mobility set themselves apart for the competition? 

Balance Mobility’s success doesn’t rely solely on taking a chance on themselves. They attribute a significant part of their growth to exceptional customer service. Their commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience and tracking the entire customer journey sets them apart from larger competitors. 

For them, customer service isn’t just about making sales but ensuring that customers receive the right equipment for their needs. Their dedication to the end-user’s best interests has fostered repeat business and customer loyalty.  

Top Tip: Prioritise Exceptional Customer Service 

Small business owners can learn from Balance Mobility by placing a strong emphasis on customer service. Beyond just making sales, genuinely caring for your customers can lead to long-term success. 

How did Balance Mobility harness the power of marketing to elevate their business?

Marketing has played a crucial role in Balance Mobility’s growth. They initially relied heavily on traditional forms of marketing such as print media. However, as they matured in business, they recognised the value of digital marketing. Digital marketing allowed them to gain a better understanding of who their customers were, how they were searching for their business and how to reach them. This shift toward measurable and tangible outcomes has been instrumental in their growth. 

From there, with the help of their Digital Marketing Specialist, Steve, the team were able to leverage the power of digital marketing to help them expand from one site to two. Localsearch’s team of Digital Strategists were able to run a comprehensive analysis of their online presence and recommended starting with Google Ads & SEO, before rebuilding their website to boost leads and conversions.  

TOP TIP: Embrace Digital Marketing 

Today, digital marketing is a valuable tool for any small business. It provides measurable results and helps you reach your target audience effectively. It’s essential for small business owners to understand the power of digital marketing in their journey. 

Terry & Lauren’s Top 3 Tips for Business Owners 

Balance Mobility’s journey has been marked by growth, learning, and transformation. They’ve highlighted some crucial steps for small business owners to follow: 

1. Start with a Business Plan:  

A well-structured business plan is the foundation for your business’s success. It helps you understand your business structure and provides a roadmap for growth. Keep it updated as your business evolves. 

Define Your Mission, Vision, and Core Values: Clearly defining these elements will help guide your business decisions and align your team with your goals. 

2. Create Standard Operating Procedures: 

Develop SOPs to streamline your business processes. This becomes essential when you’re looking to scale your business, ensuring consistency across all operations. 

3. Seek Guidance

 Having a mentor or business coach to turn to during challenging times or decision-making processes can be invaluable. They can provide insights and direction to navigate your business journey successfully.  

Terry and Lauren emphasise the importance of networking, both in person and online. Joining industry-related groups on social media platforms can help you connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights. They also recommend seeking advice from successful businesses in your area and taking steps to investigate better opportunities. 

Balance Mobility’s journey from small business owners to thriving entrepreneurs offers valuable insights and lessons for all small business owners. By embracing risk, prioritising exceptional customer service, harnessing the power of digital marketing, and leveraging AI and software, you can achieve remarkable growth. And, by building a strong foundation with a solid business plan, core values, and efficient procedures, you can pave the way for future success. Remember to seek guidance and resources, both online and through networking, to ensure your business continues to evolve and thrive. 

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