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9 May, 2022

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June Content Planner

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We get it; coming up with new and fresh content ideas for your social media and blogs can be time consuming. Which is why it can sometimes get put on the back-burner, especially in busy months.

This is where we come in with our FREE June 2022 Content Planner Template.

June is full of days worth adding to your social calendar, as well as a few month-long events, such as Pride month and Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. You’re not going to be short on content this month!

Download your FREE June Content Planner here.

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Important Dates for Your June 2022 Content Planner  

Pride Month: 1 June – 30 June 2022 

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month, or simply Pride Month, is celebrated for the entire month of June every year. In 2000, the month was officially coined Pride Month.

Ways you can incorporate Pride Month into your content calendar:

  • Change your logo to incorporate the pride flag colours.
  • Hold a celebration in your workspace to support the LGBTIQ community.
  • Share on social media a graphic highlighting you’re a safe space for LGBTIQ community members.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: 1 June – 30 June 2022

Bowel Cancer impacts thousands of Australians every year. Thankfully, early detection tests exist and can drastically improve survival rates.

During the whole month of June, the Cancer Council campaigns to raise funds to continue research in hope of finding a cure.

Ways you can incorporate Bowel Cancer Awareness Month into your content calendar:

  • Share statistics around the disease and encourage people to undertake early detection testing.
  • Host a fundraiser and let your followers know how they can donate to the cause.

Leave the Office Early Day: 2 June 2022 

How did Leave the Office Early Day come about? National leave the office early day brings to light the issues surrounding over-worked employees including burnout and decreased productivity.

Ways you can incorporate Leave the Office Early Day into your content planner:

  • Create or find a fun meme to share with your followers.
  • Share information on office burnout and overall wellbeing of employees.

Mabo Day: 3 June 2022 

3 June marks the historic day the Mabo decision was made, a great moment of significance for Australians. On 3 June 1992, the High Court of Australia officially rejected the doctrine declaring Australia was terra nullius (land belonging to no one) when European settlement began.

Ways to incorporate Mabo Day into your content calendar: 

  • Recognise the traditional owners of the land your business operates on.  

Learn more about Eddie Mabo, the man behind Mabo Day. 

National Doughnut Day: 3 June 2022 

It’s more than the perfect excuse to have a doughnut with your coffee. National Doughnut Day was created in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honour members who served doughnuts to soldiers during the war.

Ways you can incorporate National Doughnut Day into your content planner:  

  • Buy some doughnuts for your team and share a photo with your followers.   
  • Ask your followers on social media their favourite doughnut flavour.  
  • If you’re a café or hospitality business, do you have a doughnut-themed dish? It’s time to feature it!  

World Environment Day: 5 June 2022 

World Environment Day is recognised annually on 5 June. The United Nations created the day to encourage worldwide awareness around environmental protection.

In 2022, the theme is ‘Only One Earth’ with a focus on sustainability and renewable resources.

Ways you can incorporate World Environment Day into your content planner: 

  • Share a fact about the environment with your followers using the hashtag #onlyoneearth. 
  • Highlight any community events or fundraising events with an environmental focus your business has been a part of.  

Cancer Survivors Day: 5 June 2022 

National Cancer Survivors Day is held annually on the first Sunday of June. The day is a celebration of those who have survived the disease and a form of hope for those still battling.

Ways to incorporate Cancer Survivors Day into your content planner:

  • Share a story of hope, whether it’s a personal story or one of someone close to you.
  • Encourage your followers to donate to the Cancer Council.
  • Take a moment to share information and statistics about cancer survival rates to spread hope.

World Oceans Day: 8 June 2022 

World Oceans Day works to generate awareness around the conservation of the natural environment which exists within our oceans. In 2022, the day is focused on the conservation, with a goal of protecting at least 30% of our ocean by 2030.

Ways to incorporate World Oceans Day into your content planner:

  • The great thing about World Oceans Day is there are so many official resources available online, you’ll barely need to lift a finger to do your part in spreading awareness. You can find them all on the World Oceans Day website.
  • Host an event. It can be as simple as a morning tea to raise funds for the World Oceans Day, where you also share the photos online to raise awareness.

World Blood Donor Day: 14 June 2022 

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated around the world to raise awareness around the importance of blood donations.  

Ways to incorporate World Blood Donor Day into your content planner: 

  • Share statistics surrounding the impact of blood donation worldwide. 
  • Take a moment to let your followers know where the closest blood donation point is in your region. 
  • Donate blood with your team and share a team photo once you are done.  

National Selfie Day: 21 June 2022 

This is a fun one! National Selfie Day is a fun social media day for businesses to get behind.

Ways to incorporate National Selfie Day into your content calendar:

  • Take a selfie with your team and share it with your followers.
  • Ask your followers to share a selfie with you. You can ask them to share it with you in the comments of a post or simply tag you in one they share with their followers.

International Yoga Day: 21 June 2022

International Yoga Day is held annually on 21 June and has been since 2015. The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the benefits of yoga, both physically and mentally.

Ways to incorporate International Yoga Day into your content planner:

  • Share the benefits of yoga in the workplace and some easy poses to do in the workplace.
  • Run a poll on one of your social media accounts asking followers if they like to do/practice yoga regularly.

Take Your Dog to Work Day: 24 June 2022 

Would you believe Take Your Dog to Work Day began in 1999 in America? Although the day didn’t really gain momentum here in Australia until a few years ago.

The idea behind the day is employees bring their furry friends with them to work to help boost overall morale and provide a point of communication for those who do not normally interact.

Ways to incorporate Take Your Dog to Work Day into your content planner:

  • If you’re lucky to have an office dog or are allowed to bring your fur babies into work sometimes, now’s their time to shine! Take a photo of them and introduce them to your followers in a social media post.
  • Run a poll asking your followers how they feel about having an office dog.
  • If lots of your team work remotely, ask them to send in a photo of them working with their dog and send it in. Compile the photos and create a post around how every day is bring your dog to work day when you work from home.

International Mud Day: 29 June 2022 

Every year on 29 June, International Mud Day is recognised to connect children with the natural environment around them and encourage them to play in the mud.  

The official International Mud Day song was written by the students of Bold Park Community School in Western Australia. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses who work with young people to recognise on social media, such as toy stores, childcare centres and tutoring centres.  

Ways to incorporate International Mud Day into your content planner: 

  • Take a moment to share throwback photos of yourself or your children playing in the backyard in mud.  
  • If you are a retailer selling outdoor toys, display how they can encourage creative mud play. The perfect example of this would be using a classic Tonka Truck to dig in the mud. 
  • For the childcare centres out there, this is an effortless way to highlight the sensory play your students participate in using nature elements by sharing photos and videos.   

World Social Media Day: 30 June 2022 

World Social Media Day was created by Mashable in June 2010, back when social media was only just beginning to become a major part of our lives. The day was created to celebrate the benefits the day has brought to our lives as individuals and businesses.

Ways to incorporate World Social Media Day into your content planner:

  • Celebrate the connections you’ve made, whether it be business or personal using the hashtag #SMDay.
  • If you’re a business, share a fact around social media and how it has helped your business.

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