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23 May, 2022

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Kick off the new financial year with incredible content across all your social media channels with our July content planner.

July has plenty of important dates worth recognising on your social media, from World Emoji Day to Pyjama Day. There is something for every business.

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Important Dates for Your July 2022 Content Planner

World UFO Day: 2 July 2022

Created by the World UFO Day Organisation, World UFO Day was created to bring together UFO enthusiasts and celebrate the phenomenon and mystery surrounding unidentified flying objects.

It may not be easy for all businesses to recognise this day, but for those who can, it’s certainly one worth the effort.

Ways to include World UFO Day into your content planner: 

  • This is a prime opportunity for any business who sells any space-themed goods to showcase their products. 
  • For those running a childcare centre or a children’s toy store, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the lighter side of UFO, including space-related arts and crafts. 
  • Live in an area known for UFO sightings? Make a post about it to engage the community. 

NAIDOC Week: 3 July 2022 

NAIDOC Week runs from 3 to 10 July in 2022. It was created to celebrate the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Ways to include NAIDOC Week into your content planner:

  • Share one of the provided resources from the official NAIDOC website.
  • Attend or host an event in your local area and share photos and videos from the event.
  • Share content from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander creators.

World Chocolate Day: 7 July 2022 

An excuse to indulge in some chocolate? We’ll take it! No one is really sure who created World Chocolate Day, but the date was selected on 7 July as it was the day chocolate was first introduced to Europe in 1550.

Ways to include World Chocolate Day into your content planner:

  • Share any chocolate dishes or products your business creates for World Chocolate Day.
  • Take a moment to create a poll on your Instagram asking your followers which chocolate they prefer (dark, milk, white, etc.).
  • Purchase some chocolate for your team and share a photo of you all enjoying the treat.

World Population Day: 11 July 2022 

World Population Day is an annual day designed to raise awareness around global population issues, such as environmental impact and resources shortages.

Ways to include World Population Day into your content planner:

  • Share a fact surrounding the current world population.
  • Show your followers ways they can donate to help women in developing countries with modern family planning and contraceptives.

World Youth Skills Day: 15 July 2022

World Youth Skills Day is held annually on 15 July. Created as a day to celebrate and recognise the importance of the development of youth skills, this day is perfect for those businesses operating in the education sector.

Ways to include World Youth Skills Day into your content planner: 

  • Celebrate young workers in your business who may be completing an apprenticeship by posting them on your social media introducing them — ensure you’ve obtained the correct permissions for anyone under 18.  
  • Share stories of success that came from skills learnt during youth.  

World Emoji Day: 17 July 2022

Created to celebrate the modern world’s love of Emojis, World Emoji Day was marked as 17 July as it is date shown on the calendar emoji itself.

Ways to include World Emoji Day into your content planner: 

  • Create a post using emojis instead of words and ask your followers to decode your message. For example, a movie theatre could post “👸 ❄️” and ask followers to guess the movie which, in this case, would be Frozen.  
  • Ask you followers to design or share an emoji they wish existed.  

Nelson Mandela International Day: 18 July 2022 

The Nelson Mandela International Day is initiative of the Nelson Mandela Foundation as a result of a request by the man himself in 2009 to honour his work in communities rather than his birthday. It is now recognised throughout the world as a day to get involved in their community in sustainable interventions for lasting impact. This year’s theme is ‘Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are’.

Ways to include Nelson Mandela International Day into your content planner: 

  • Share a Nelson Mandela quote on your social media.
  • Let your followers know how they can donate to support the ongoing efforts of Nelson Mandela.
  • Get involved in a community initiative and post about how others can get involved.

National Pyjama Day: 23 July 2022 

National Pyjama Day is about wearing your pyjamas for the day in support of children in the foster care system. The day was started by The Pyjama Foundation to raise funds and spread awareness surrounding the lower literacy and numeracy skills of children in the foster care system.

Ways to include National Pyjama Day into your content planner:

  • Wear your pyjamas to work and encourage others on your social media to do the same.
  • Use the hashtag #InMyPJs in posts of your team in their pyjamas.
  • Make use of the Pyjama Foundations provided resources.

World Hepatitis Day: 28 July 2022 

World Hepatitis Day is an important day for businesses operating in the healthcare or health and wellness sector to recognise. The day was created to bring awareness to the disease.

Ways to include World Hepatitis Day into your content planner:

International Friendship Day: 30 July 2022 

International Day of Friendship started in 2011. Pioneered by the United Nations to encourage cultural interaction and diversity within countries and local communities alike, it’s a day to be celebrated worldwide.

Ways to include International Friendship Day into your content planner:

  • Ask your followers to tell you what friendship means to them and tag one of their closest friends.
  • Run a giveaway for a follower and their friend. This could be a dinner voucher, double movie pass or even a hamper of your products.

World Ranger Day: 31 July 2022 

World Ranger Day is recognised annually on 31 July around the world. The day began to acknowledge the work rangers do every day to help protect our environment and to remember those who have lost their lives on the job.

Ways to include World Ranger Day into your content planner: 

  • If your business operates in the animal/wildlife welfare industry, share an image of some of your rangers thanking them for all that they do to ensure the ongoing protection of our wildlife.  
  • Be sure to do a post with #WorldRangerDay included.  
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