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Build your dream website without the stress from only $29 a week with award-nominated Australian website design and development agency Localsearch. 

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Australian Website Packages

Websites Starting at $29 a Week

With more than 9 different website packages available, starting from just $29 a week (+GST) there is an option for every business in Australia. 

COVID-19 Local SEO

Traditional Websites

✔ HTML5, WordPress and custom builds.
✔ 10-month payment plans available.
✔ Ready for search engines on launch.
✔ Google Analytics & Tag Manager setup.
✔ Mobile responsive with mobile CTA buttons.
✔ Stock images supplied & content assistance

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Website Subscriptions

✔ 2-year agreement.
✔ Search-engine friendly.
✔ Professional design, development & content.
✔ Includes hosting and SSL cert.
✔ Rebuild after third year.
✔ 1, 5, 10, 15 & 20-page options.

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Single Page Websites

✔ Single-page SEO-friendly website.
✔ Super fast build times.
✔ Professional content, design & QA.
✔ Ideal for takeaway food & delivery services.
✔ Easy-to-use contact forms included.
✔ Flat-fee with 10-month payment plan.

Stunning Website Designs that Work for Search Engines

Localsearch's Australian website design and development services may be affordable, but we don't sacrifice on quality. Your website will be ready to start competing on organic search engine results.

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With the latest Google updates, it’s never been more important to rank on search engines. Whether you’re a plumber in Alice Springs, a hairdresser on the Gold Coast, run a restaurant in Melbourne or whatever it is you do, our team at Localsearch can help ensure you’re found by people in your area looking for what you do.

All Localsearch website packages include search engine optimisation basics, including:

  • Mobile friendly design and development.
  • Professionally written content.
  • Mobile call-to-action buttons.
  • Basic optimisation of images.
And more.

Request a custom website quote now to save on a mobile friendly website. 

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🖥 Is WordPress the best website builder?

While WordPress powers around 34% of websites around the world, the best builder actually depends on what you need your site to do for your business.

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WordPress is perfect if you’re looking for complete design and functionality freedom, like for an eCommerce website. But if you’re not, you can reduce how much you spend by switching to a simpler platform.

What’s the alternative? Our design and development team use both WordPress and the Localsearch Website Builder to accommodate all needs and budgets. Both options are search engine ready, include content assistance and all the things you need to be seen, be trusted and be connected online.

A website designer works on the visual part of your website you see, while the developer brings it to life and ensures everything works as it should.

Easy website development with Localsearch

Website design and development are incredibly important. Together, they impact how your website looks and works, and also greatly influence your conversions and search engine optimisation.

The images, font, layout, buttons and everything on your website are judged by Google. A designer and developer work together to ensure everything is compliant with current best practices to ensure both users and search engines love what they see.

A professional website development and design service in Australia (like Localsearch), can help you achieve the look you want, offer their expertise in user experience and ensure everything is okay in Google’s eyes.

Easy website development with Localsearch
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Learn exactly how to keep your business standing strong with a free, one-on-one consultation.

On this call we can:

  • Analyse your business needs.
  • Provide support, tips and advice.
  • Sign you up to the Localsearch COVID-19 Savings Package options of your needing.
  • Share the current options available via the Australian Government Coronavirus Stimulus for eligible businesses.

And more…

Available Australia wide.

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1. Your local Google-certified specialist will be in touch.

Our specialists live and work in your local area. They'll meet you at a time and place that suits you, and work with you to create a custom package you're happy with. This is when you can decide if you'd like a 10-month payment plan.

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2. Our Australian head office will begin work on your website.

You'll receive a call from your account manager to walk you through the process, answer any questions and get to know your business. Then, it's up to our content, design, development, QA and IT teams to bring your dream to life.

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Step 3: It's time to approve and launch your website.

Keep an eye on your email as we'll be sending you a link to approve your content and design. Once you're completely happy, it's time to get your website live on the internet. Search engines can take time to show your website, but search engine and social media marketing can get the traffic flowing, in the meantime. 

The top 9 essentials every website needs:


A responsive or adaptive website is designed for users on both computers and mobile devices. As of 1 July 2019, any website not built this way will be outranked on search engines by those that are. Luckily all Localsearch website are responsive or adaptive to comply with this latest update. 


Ensuring your website content is free of spelling and grammatical errors is only the beginning of writing good-quality copy. The content you write will greatly impact your search engine results and how many leads you receive, so getting it right is crucial. Our content writers are here to assist you with this process. 


3. An easy-to-navigate sitemap.

Your sitemap is the layout of pages on your websites. This is extremely important to get right, otherwise both users and Google could become confused—and neither of those things are good. Our team are here to help you plan a sitemap that is friendly to both Google and users, for ultimate success.


4. Optimised images.

Did you know your images can influence your SEO? The size, file type and what is called an ALT tag can either impede or help your website succeed. Part of our process is to ensure your images are optimised to ensure they don’t slow down your site and give you more opportunities on search engines.


Your website should be search engine ready from the moment it goes online. This includes having the right heading structure, correct content and images, having your technical aspects covered, keeping your page speed in check and more. 


6. Easy-to-crawl code.

Your website is made up of something called code. This code tells browsers what images, text, colours and features to put where and how they should work. However, it’s far too easy to complicate code, which is detrimental to your site. A Localsearch developer will ensure this isn’t a problem.


Who wants to wait for a slow website? Your customers sure won’t and neither will Google. While many things impact your page speed, our website design and development team know them all to keep load times at a minimum.


In as few words as possible, an SSL Certificate helps to keep your website secure. Without one, not only is you and your users’ information vulnerable, your SEO will suffer. Every Localsearch website includes this crucial element.


Your website needs hosting to go online. The quality of your hosting can impact your site’s performance and security, so it’s crucial it’s local and from a reputable source.

Still not convinced your business needs a website?

Studies show between 70 to 80% of people look at a business’s website before they book or visit their location. Without a website, they’re more likely to move onto one of your competitor’s who does.

Localsearch Website Package Inclusions

As well as your custom selections, your website package includes:

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You can find more information about building a website in Australia on our Frequently Asked Questions page. We answer questions about website maintenance, hosting, SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing and more.

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