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90% of people check business reviews before they book or buy. You can ensure they like what they see with just a few minutes on our online review and reputation manager.

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What is an online reviews manager?

Localsearch review management software for more four and five star reviews

Keeping on top of incoming customer reviews, replying to them and ensuring you always have new ones coming in is almost a full time job in itself. Unless you use an online reviews manager. It can help you:

– Reach more unhappy customers before they leave a review.
– Know exactly who is giving you negative feedback (rather than having to guess from anonymous reviews).
– See all your reviews from all major platforms on one easy-to-use dashboard (no more wasting time searching every place).
– Be notified when you receive a new review.
– Send automated emails to your customers asking to rate their experience.
– Embed a stream of your favourite reviews on your website.

It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, affordable. Is it time you took control of your online reputation?

Localsearch review management software for more four and five star reviews
Localsearch search engine optimisation services in Australia

How do I get more online reviews for my business?

Localsearch search engine optimisation services in Australia

More reviews mean more opinions for people to base their decision off of. Furthermore, if you have 150 unique, genuine reviews of 3.5 stars or more, you can add a Google Seller Rating to your Google Ads. This produces even more traffic to your website. 150 may sound like a lot until you think of how many customers you manage in a month. If only there was a way to ensure majority of them leave you a review…but wait, there is!

 Using our online reviews manager, you can create automated review request campaigns. All you need to do is set up the template with your branding, add your contact list and let the tool do the rest. Your customers will receive a mobile message or email if they enjoyed their experience, or not. Then, if they rate highly, are asked if they’d like to write a quick review. If it’s a lower rating, their feedback is sent directly to you to resolve. You’ll receive more reviews for less work.


Why are online reviews so important?

Localsearch review management for preventing negative reviews

Since you’re here reading this, you probably already know how important reviews are for building trust in your brand. But did you know reviews are a vital part of improving your website’s search engine optimisation? Google loves businesses with authentic reviews across a number of reputable platforms, such as Localsearch, Facebook and Google My Business (GMB). They also love how many clicks to your website reviews can create.

However, 92% of consumers say they don’t trust a business with all 5-star reviews—so, you need a balance. The easiest way to do this is with our review management tool. It makes your life easier by pulling your reviews from all over the web onto one dashboard. You’ll even be alerted when you receive new ones so you can instantly manage any negative reviews. By using our tool, you’ll even be able to stream your best reviews on your website.

Localsearch review management for preventing negative reviews

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74% of people say they trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation from a friend. What do your reviews say about your business?


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