Terms & Conditions

All the legal stuff we need you to know about our products and services.

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Terms of Agreement

Read our services full Terms of Agreement here.

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Print Services

The following conditions apply to print services through order form.

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Web Services

Guidelines for web services requested through order form.

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Localhub Services
Terms of Agreement

More information regarding services provided by Localhub.

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Direct Debit
Service Agreement

What you need to know about paying by direct debit.

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Acceptable Use Policy

How to acceptably use our products and services.

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Privacy Policy

Find out how we protect your privacy across our platforms.

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AHPRA Advertising & Content Guidelines

Need to know information for any health practitioner or practice.

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Terms of Use

By using our services, you agree to the following Terms of Use.

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Content Integrity

Guidelines for reviewers and businesses receiving reviews.

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