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Your website and email hosting play a bigger role in your business’s online success than you think. Keep on reading to find out how.

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When you create a website, you need to purchase a domain and website hosting. Together, they give your website a home and an address.

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Hosting is where your website data is stored online, ready to be called upon when someone clicks on a link to your website. These storage spaces are called servers. To occupy a server, you need to either house your own and understand how they work, or use a web host provider. 

A domain name is the part of your URL that identifies your particular website, both to users and browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). So, in the URL,, your domain name is ‘yourbusiness’. Your URL also indicates if your website is secure, by adding an ‘s’ (or no s if not secure) to your ‘HTTP’. 

Localsearch can provide a domain, personalised email addresses, local hosting and a current SSL certificate (security) for as long as you need it.

Easy website development with Localsearch
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Can website hosting impact search engine results?

Where your hosting provider's servers are located can impact your website's page speed, in turn, affecting your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Localsearch Australian web hosting

When someone clicks on a link to your website, their browser (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) is sent to the server holding your website data. The server then sends your website information to the browser to show to the user. 

It’s like if you were playing catch with another person. Would the ball return to you faster if you stood closer together?

This is why our servers are Australian based to help Aussie businesses get the best results out of their hosting. 

Can I transfer my existing website hosting to a new provider?

Switching to a new hosting provider is indeed possible and incredibly easy.

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Need faster hosting but want to keep your domain name, personalised email accounts and website data? If you have a WordPress website, all you need to do is provide us with your site’s address (URL), choose a plan and we’ll do the rest. Simple.

Localsearch hosting services in Australia
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How much does website hosting cost in Australia?

You'll need hosting for as long as you have a website. However, cutting costs on your website hosting can be detrimental to your site's security and performance.

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It can be tempting to subscribe to hosting with extremely low prices, but you need to know the risks of doing so. Hosting providers have servers to store your website’s data. To lower the cost of their service, they’ll supply what is known as Shared Hosting, which means you share server space with other websites.

Unfortunately, shared server space leaves your website open to security breaches and also limits the size of your website. Plus, the smaller the storage allowance, the less people who can be on your website at once. Exceed this limit (it can be quite low) and your website can crash.

At Localsearch, we balance security, performance and price by customising our packages. Like our websites, you only pay for what you need. Your package also includes security updates and a number of website updates per month.

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How to switch to Localsearch hosting:

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Step 1. Send us a message.

Select ‘Get Started’ and tell us if you already have hosting, your WordPress website’s URL and we’ll send you a quote.

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Step 2. Check your emails.

The next step will depend if you’re transferring your hosting or starting fresh. Either way, we’ll keep you in the loop via email.

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Step 3. You now have Localsearch website hosting!

Yes, it’s really that simple.

The best hosting in Australia includes:


1. Australian-based servers.

The location of your hosting provider’s servers impact more than your SEO results. By hosting through an Australian provider, you’re protecting your website under our nation’s own privacy laws, not those of another country.


2. IT and support in your timezone.

Your website’s content needs to be persuasive, thorough, error-free, following SEO best practices and be balanced with your website’s code. Learn more about the EAT algorithm. 


An SSL certificate provides additional security on your website. All Localsearch website hosting packages include an up-to-date SSL certificate to ensure you’re compliant with current best practices.


4. A personalised domain and email addresses.

Your domain name and email addresses are part of your branding. This is why you should claim your domain as soon as you can, while it’s still available, as anyone can buy your domain. 


5. Payment scheduling options.

As long as you want a website online, you need hosting. With Localsearch, you can pay for your hosting either monthly or annually, however best suits your budget.


Like any technology, websites need regular updates to keep up to date with improvements. As part of your hosting package, we include security and plug-in updates so you’re always up to date.

When was the last time you updated your website's SEO?

2019 has been a busy year for search engine algorithm changes. If you haven’t been updating your website with them, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. We can help.

Localsearch Hosting Package Inclusions

As well as your custom selections, your hosting package will include:

Want to learn more about what the best website hosting in Australia looks like?

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There is so much to learn about website maintenance and hosting—so we’ve made a page with all our most frequently asked questions. If you have another query, contact our friendly digital marketing experts at Localsearch.

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