Twin Towns Removals Goes From New Business to 700+ Leads a Year

When Twin Towns Removals opened three years ago, they never imagined they would have their own storage facility, a growing team and be receiving more than 700 leads a year. Now, they're doing so well, the owners were able to purchase their first home and have confidence in steady growth with Localsearch.

About Twin Towns Removals 

In just three years, Twin Towns Removals has become an award-winning removalist in the Forster-Tuncurry region. By keeping their prices competitive and having their own storage sheds, they can keep moving prices down, as well as make their services fast, secure and efficient. They are also accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), asserting themself as industry leaders in their region.

As part of their local, interstate and backloading removalist services, the team at Twin Towns Removals can also provide all packing materials, and even pack for you. Check out their moving blogs for top tips for relocating across towns, state or the country.

Through working with Localsearch, Twin Towns Removals has been able to grow from strength to strength, growing their team and their services.

The Goal

As a new business, Twin Towns Removals had two original goals:

  • Increase leads.
  • Create a stable return on investment to expand into new marketing avenues.

Twin Towns Removals has now been working Localsearch for more than three years, in which time we have adapted their goals to suit and create more growth.

“Localsearch is like our silent business partner. They have gone above and beyond for our business — especially Adam and Kailah. Everything we have put in place with Localsearch has worked for us and our stats show that every month.”

The Challenge 

Like any new business, Twin Towns Removals was funneling available money into launching their venture. While they knew marketing would be essential at getting them off the ground, funds, therefore options, were limited.  

Having heard about Localsearch’s affordable, yet effective, digital marketing solutions, they gave us a call. However, they had hesitations on how effective marketing at less than $2 a day can really be. 

Together with their Forster digital marketing specialist, Twin Towns Removals became confident in the plan. 

The Solution 

How we’ve helped Twin Town Removals over the last 3 years:

1. Utilise the mega affordability of to get Twin Towns Removals online. 

Step one of Localsearch and Twin Towns Removals working together was to get the Mid North Coast removalists online. was the obvious choice for this, with upgraded business profile packages starting from less than $2 a day. 

The upgraded business profile moved Twin Towns Removals up the list of removalists in their chosen regions, which could be found through users of and those who found it by search engines, like Google. By having an upgraded profile, they were able to display all their information, like services, regions they covered, images, logo, etc. This would help increase conversion opportunities. 

By being on, Twin Towns Removals would also receive quote requests through our ‘Request a Quote’ feature. Their team responded quickly to these quote requests, helping secure more jobs for their team. They could also be reached directly through their business profile. 

2. Tap into’s return on investment to build a website. 

In their first 12 months of operation, Twin Towns Removals was growing from strength to strength. We helped them make the most on their return on investment by building a mobile-responsive website to help their removalist services reach even more people online.

Since then, we have added location pages to boost the website’s visibility on localised search engine results. These pages have allowed them to branch out with Google My Business, which has put them in Google Maps and search engine results, with good return.

3. Compete organically and long-term with search engine optimisation. 

Twin Towns Removals is a big advocate of staying ahead of the curve and ensuring their marketing is working the best for their business. While they had a website, they understood if they wanted it to really increase their website traffic, therefore leads, search engine optimisation would be an obvious pathway forward.

As well as optimising Twin Towns Removals website content and optimising their Google My Business, we have also installed a blog on their website. Creating blogs has kept their website content fresh, as well as targeting questions about their industry to help increase their visibility to those enquiring about moving and what’s involved.

Our search engine optimisation specialists at Localsearch focus on evergreen, long-term SEO practices, so Twin Towns Removals can experience steady growth over time.

4. Target audience and immediately for massive growth using paid ads. 

While SEO gives Twin Towns Removals their long-term strategy, they wanted to take advantage of immediate returns available to them through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We work hand-in-hand with the owners of Twin Towns Removals to target terms and optimise their ads for what makes them stand out in their industry.

For example, being an AFRA-accredited removalist helps their customers know they are compliant with the highest standards possible. Their furniture and personal items will be in the best of hands. So, we ensure we were optimising ads to highlight this feature.

5. Provide complete transparency. 

Trust plays an essential role when working with any business, but it would be integral throughout our work with Twin Towns Removals. To help build and grow our relationship, we have provided the Tuncurry removalist with:

  • Monthly reporting to keep them up to date with top campaign achievements.
  • Nucleus, Localsearch’s 24/7 reporting dashboard so they can check in on their return on investment at any time.
  • A dedicated local digital marketing specialist and account manager, who are integral in becoming a part of the business to really achieve the success we promised.

And more.

The Results 

In three years, we have been able to help Twin Towns Removals:

  • Purchase more moving trucks.
  • Grow their office team.
  • Purchase storage space to expand their Mid North Coast removalist services.
  • Invest their return on investment into other digital marketing for further growth.

On a personal level, the owners of Twin Towns Removals were able to purchase a house in April 2021, which they say they couldn’t have done with our Localsearch team’s help. They’ve also been so busy, their kids have come onboard as part of their growing team.

“We just purchased our new home in April 2021, and if our business wasn’t booming thanks to Localsearch and great staff, it would have been out of our reach for a while with today’s market.”

12-Month Results and the Localsearch App are still core digital marketing tools for Twin Towns Removals. With results like a 23% conversion rate and more than 3,000 views in the last 12 months, you can certainly see why.

“Our team has expanded as more work means more staff and that is how Localsearch has helped us gain.”

12-Month Google Ads Results 

In the last 12 months, we have been able to maintain 52% Absolute Top Impressions for Twin Towns Removals. This simply means 52% of their Google Ads have shown in the very top position on Google search engine results above organic results. We’ve also been able to maintain and steadily grow with a 42% conversion rate over the last year, which is 1106% higher than the average conversion rate on Google Ads.

Twin Towns Removals saw the most conversions through direct phone calls, but also saw form leads, leads through Google My Business and email leads as a result of their Google Ads.

12-Month Search Engine Optimisation Results 

Twin Towns Removals’ SEO campaign in the last 12 months has generated them more than 92,000 impressions with an average ranking position of 5.75 on search engine results for terms relevant to their business. They also experienced more than 18,000 views of their Google My Business.

While conversions are not the typical goal of search engine optimisation, the business has experienced more than 700 enquiries.

12-Month Social Media Marketing Results 

Between Facebook and Instagram, Twin Towns Removals’ social media ads have received more than 400,000 impressions. Through enticing copy and visuals, we have also been able to generate more than 3,000 clicks from the ads for the Mid North Coast removalist business. 

Want results like these?

Localsearch provides free quotes, so even if you’re still on the fence about digital marketing, it’s worth a call or email to see how we can help you. Some of the benefits of being with Localsearch include:

  • You receive a dedicated account manager to bring you calm in the chaos of digital marketing.
  • Receive monthly reports, plus access to Nucleus, our all-in-one, purpose-built digital marketing reporting dashboard for 100% transparency.
  • Check-ins with your account manager and digital marketing specialist to ensure your digital marketing aligns with your current goals.
  • A full-suite digital marketing service, so whatever you need — whether it’s a website, Google Ads, SEO, Google My Business, or social ads — we can help you with, lowering costs and increasing ROI.
  • Confidence from a Google Premier Partner, Google My Business Partner, Microsoft Partner and more.
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