House of Flowers Google Ads Case Study

It’s easy for your marketing to get lost when you’re in a competitive industry. Find out how we claimed crucial online landscape for House of Flowers, increasing their conversation rate by more than 44.55%, while lowering their cost per acquisition by more than 15.59%.

About House of Flowers

House of Flowers is owned and operated by florists, Tracey Hoopert, Leanne Crosby and Miriam Olsen, who hold more than 50 years of experience between them. Their floral arrangements and gifts are available both by sale from their Bundaberg florist shop and by online order.

Their relationship with Localsearch began in 2018 when they set out to build a new eCommerce website. Since then, they have since included Google Ads and search engine optimisation (SEO) in their package to make managing their digital marketing easier and more effective.

“The service we’ve received has been incredibly helpful for my business. We know our Google Ads are in great hands to help us grow online.”

A word from House of Flowers

House of Flowers & Localsearch

The Challenge for House of Flowers

In 2018, we designed and developed an eCommerce website for House of Flowers. Upon launching, the site did well on search engine results, and the Bundaberg florist continued their partnership with us through our search engine optimisation services. The results saw them become one of the top-ranked businesses on search result pages for multiple top keywords.

However, due to the competitive nature of the floristry industry, their competitors were targeting generic search terms in their Google Ads, such as ‘flowers’. Due to this, House of Flowers were losing a large percentage of possible leads. We proposed a two-part solution using Google Ads.  

The House of Flowers Website Designed & Developed by Localsearch

Solution 1 — Manual Cost-Per-Click

Our first priority was taking back control of our client’s branded terms. As their business name contained the word ‘flowers’, a word being bid on by their competitors, they were losing crucial landscape on search results for their own name. 

By using a manual cost-per-click strategy for the House of Flowers branded terms campaign (complemented by generic keywords in another campaign), we were able to allocate specific budget to these branded keywords. As a result, better control was able to be had over the cost per click (CPC) and spend. 

Florist search engine marketing Localsearch

Solution 2 — Automated Bidding

The second part of our Google Ads strategy for House of Flowers was to run an automated bidding strategy with ad groups separated by occasion, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, new baby, generic flower delivery, etc.

Each ad was created with relevant copy, call to actions and dynamic keyword insertion for the creatives.


Each ad group was created with 3 expanded text ads and 1 responsive search ad to serve the better performing ads more frequently. We also ran search reports to add irrelevant keywords to the negative keyword list and bid modifiers to increase mobile presence and conversions.

To further help with House of Flowers’ brand strategy, we used site link extensions, call extensions, call-out extensions and structured snippet extensions to help increase ad rank and click-through rate. This also helps them occupy more space on search result pages when the ad qualifies.

We tracked the following conversion methods to see exactly how ad viewers were converting:

  • eCommerce transactions (sales completed through their website).
  • Calls from the ad.
  • Phone leads, using a 3rd party tracking platform.
  • Click to email.
  • Click to directions.

The Results

June 2019 to May 2019 (30 Day Comparison)

The traffic from House of Flowers’ Google Ads now attributes for 61% of the client’s total site traffic, with more than 71% of this coming from those searching on a mobile device. Having a mobile-responsive website with clickable numbers, an easy checkout and a good user experience for shoppers across all devices has helped to ensure the traffic converts into customers.

During the first week of running the campaign, we saw an increase conversion rate of 21.4%, which has maintained at around 23.4%. They also see spikes during highly competitive periods, such as Easter and Mother’s Day, jumping to between 37% and 44%. 

House of Flowers is so happy with their partnership with our team at Localsearch, they’ve also expanded to get the same great results using social media marketing. 

House of Flowers
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