Hire Pro Grows 155% in 12 Months With Localsearch

Growing a business is hard, especially with tough competition from multi-franchise corporations. This is how we helped Hire Pro grow 155% in 12 months with a tailored digital campaigns.

About Hire Pro

Industry: Equipment Hire
Location: Gold Coast

Josh Hanrahan started Hire Pro® as a side hustle with three trailers and an excavator in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast.

Despite the competition for equipment hire on the Gold Coast, the demand for Hire Pro’s high-quality, yet affordable equipment grew, enabling Josh to move to a bigger commercial property in Mudgeeraba and expand his catalogue of products.

Today, Hire Pro offers more than 70 different types of equipment. This is no easy feat considering the investment in some pieces of equipment alone being in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Their success lies within keeping their customer experience that of a small business, despite their growth, as well as their digital campaigns to get the word about them out to the masses.

The Challenges of Being an Equipment Hire Business on the Gold Coast

  • As of 5 April 2022, there were more than 9 million results on Google when searching for equipment rental Gold Coast, one of Hire Pro’s ideal keywords.
  • There were also 11 pages of Google Business Profiles for the same term on the same date.

While Hire Pro had grown from strength to strength, they were experiencing the limiting effects of the steep competition for equipment hire on the Gold Coast.

A further problem still was the size of the individual competitors, with multiple national corporations with large marketing budgets to compete against.

In 2019, Hire Pro reached out to Localsearch to give themselves the best possible chance in competing against the big guys.

A Hire Pro team member hard at work at the Mudgeeraba site.

The Creation of Localsearch’s Award-Nominated Campaign for Hire Pro

Step one: The website.

In 2019, Hire Pro started their relationship with Localsearch through the build of their eCommerce website.

Once the website was complete, it was time to start the next phase of the plan for Hire Pro — just in time for a global pandemic to hit.

The goal for Hire Pro’s website:

  • House more than 70 equipment products.
  • Be able to accept online booking enquiries.
  • A simple design.
  • Non-technical language so even someone with minimal equipment knowledge could easily find what they need for their project.
  • For the website to be mobile-friendly.
  • To load quickly, regardless of the size of the website.
  • For a user to the website to be able to quickly identify the location of the business.
The Hire Pro website, built and powered by Localsearch.

Step two: Organic search.

To utilise Hire Pro’s budget to its full potential, we started optimising for organic search rankings first, an activity that now attributes to 56% of Hire Pro’s website traffic.

For those not from the Gold Coast, Hire Pro’s location in Mudgeeraba is not your typical area for equipment hire businesses.

Despite being located visibly from the highway, it was not an obvious location for people to head towards if they needed equipment hire and hadn’t looked online.

To help with this problem, the first step of the campaign was to optimise Hire Pro’s website to be found in Mudgeeraba and surrounding areas.

Some of the activities performed included:

  • Optimising the business’s Google My Business (now Google Business Profile).
  • Ensuring adequate location keyword density and content quantity.
  • Adding location schema.

And more.

Step three: Digital campaigns.

In early 2020, the pandemic hit Australia, and Hire Pro launched their Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads to reach the surge of Gold Coasters starting home renovation projects.

The response to the first waves of the pandemic for many businesses was to pull their advertising. However, with the increase in search traffic for home renovations and DIY projects, we recommended to Hire Pro to do the opposite by ramping up their paid search to target these people.

This was highly beneficial for Hire Pro as it was a unique situation where they could enter the paid social media and search engine market while there was lower competition.

Our campaigns were tailored to reach home renovators and those undertaking DIY projects in the Mudgeeraba and surrounds.

Our team also launched a series of blogs to help organically search this audience.

The Results

The results we’ve helped Hire Pro achieve over the last few years haven’t just helped them grow, but come out the other side of a crippling pandemic in a better position than ever before.

They’ve been able to track their results every step of the way with their monthly email reports and in their 24/7 all-in-one Nucleus dashboard.

“We’re going up against massive corporations. Localsearch definitely helps us get ahead. In the last year, we’ve grown 155%.”

Josh Hanrahan, Owner & Founder of Hire Pro
Josh Hanrahan, Owner & Founder of Hire Pro

From 1 March 2021 – 31 March 2022

  • 86k+ Google Ads impressions.
  • 41% Google Ads conversion rate.
  • 2+ million search engine impressions.
  • 4.96 average organic search position.
  • 276k+ Facebook Ads impressions.
  • 55k+ Google My Business search views.
  • 11k+ Google My Business actions performed. 

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