From DIY Website to +120% Increase in Website Traffic

From DIY website to a 120% increase in website traffic, learn how A Better Way Funerals partnered with Localsearch to reach their business goals.

A Better Way Funerals, owned by Keri Alexander, is redefining the funeral service industry in Sydney with its compassionate and personalised approach to honouring the departed. Keri’s commitment to providing families with meaningful funeral experiences has made A Better Way Funerals a trusted name in the community.

Who are A Better Way Funerals?

A Better Way Funerals offers unique and heartfelt funeral services, prioritising personalised experiences to celebrate the lives of loved ones. Keri Alexander, the owner, embodies empathy and warmth in every interaction, ensuring that families feel supported and cared for during their time of need. Recognising the evolving needs of her clients and the importance of maintaining her business’s brand image, Keri realised it was time to update her DIY website solution. Seeking a website that truly represented her business’s ethos, she reached out to Carol, her local Localsearch Digital Marketing specialist, for expert assistance

Project Brief

In an industry where empathy and personalised care are paramount, Keri recognised the importance of her website serving as her right-hand woman. The website would not only handle enquiries but also look after local marketing, allowing Keri to focus on providing the best service to her clients. It was imperative that the website conveyed Keri’s personal brand, as she is the face of A Better Way Funerals.

The Strategy

The website redesign was centred around the concept of the website being Keri’s trusted assistant, reflecting her personal brand and values:

The Results

The website redesign served as a pivotal tool in amplifying Keri personal brand and A Better Way Funerals’ presence. Working alongside her Digital Marketing Specialist, Carol, Keri was able to achieve some incredible results with her new website.

More Time to Focus on Providing a Personalised Service to her Clients:

The new website witnessed a substantial increase in visitor engagement, with families spending more time exploring the content and resources available. This newfound engagement not only signifies the effectiveness of the website as Keri’s 24/7 employee but also grants her more time to dedicate herself fully to her clients, ensuring they receive nothing less than 110% of her care and attention.

Increased Visibility in her Local Market:

As part of building her website with Localsearch, Keri has access to her personalised Localsearch for Business dashboard, providing her with invaluable insights into her customers’ behaviours and preferences. With access to real-time data, Keri can track her investment whenever it suits her, allowing her to make informed decisions about where to invest in marketing next. This level of transparency and control empowers Keri to tailor her marketing strategies to better serve her clients and maximise the impact of her efforts.

Operational Efficiency:

The website’s optimisation for mobile devices and user-friendly design contributed to improved search engine rankings. As a result, A Better Way Funerals experienced greater visibility and reach within the local community and a 120% increase in new users.

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