187+ Leads a Month & More Family Time

In 2018, Craig, the owner of Taps 'R' Us, encountered the common challenge of managing a growing business while balancing family and well-being. Seeking a solution to fuel Taps 'R' Us's growth without sacrificing his limited time, Craig began exploring options.

In 2018, Craig owner of Taps ‘R’ Us, found himself at a crossroads, juggling the demands of his thriving business. Like many business owners, Craig faced the daily struggle of needing more hours in a day to manage his business effectively while also prioritising his family and well-being.

So, he began looking for a solution that would provide Taps ‘R’ Us with the growth it needed without compromising his limited time.

Who are Taps ‘R’ Us

With a combined experience of over 15 years, the Taps ‘R’ Us team pride themselves on providing efficient and reliable installations, repairs and replacements. The team are known across the Sunshine Coast for their incredible customer service, boasting a high rate of return customers.

Project Brief

Recognising the necessity for a streamlined marketing solution, Craig turned to Localsearch, seeking a partner that could tailor digital strategies to his business. The goal was clear—to grow the business without sacrificing Craig’s time or control. He needed a solution that brought in more business without taking time away from his personal life and maybe allowed him to go on his first holiday in years.

The Objective

The primary objective for Taps ‘R’ Us was to find a growth partner that could tailor digital marketing strategies to fit the specific needs of the business. The team needed a streamlined solution that made the phones ring.

The Strategy

Recognising the need for a strategy that respects the autonomy of Taps ‘R’ Us, Localsearch became the chosen growth partner. The strategy was not about overpowering the business but about putting Craig in the driver’s seat, offering a tailored roadmap for a smooth and stress-free journey. Localsearch’s focus was on empowering Taps ‘R’ Us to grow efficiently while ensuring Craig’s leadership remained at the forefront.

  1. Audit his Digital Presence: A comprehensive audit and business analysis were completed with Craig to establish his current online presence, business goals, and gather an understanding of the business as a whole.
  2. Optimise his Localsearch Business Profile: The next step was claiming and optimising his Localsearch Business Profile. This included adding photos, requesting reviews, adding additional information, and making consistent posts on the profile.
  3. Streamlined Efficiency with Localsearch for Business: Working with his Digital Marketing Specialist, Leanne, Craig set up his Localsearch for Business platform. This allowed him to track the performance of his marketing on the go, via our app, giving him the information he needs to make data-driven business decisions.

The Results

Over 5 years later, and Craig is still choosing to partner with Localsearch for all his digital marketing needs. He now has the full suite of Digital Marketing Solutions Localsearch offers, including social media marketing, which he has recently utilised to advertise new job opportunities within his expanding business.

His Localsearch Business Profile alone has drawn impressive results. In the past month alone they’ve seen 187+ leads and over 1,834+ search views on Localsearch.

Substantial Business Growth:

Since the inception of digital marketing strategies, Taps ‘R’ Us has experienced substantial business growth. This growth is not only reflected in the expansion of their services but also in the establishment of a trusted 2IC who now oversees day-to-day operations.

Operational Efficiency:

With Localsearch for Business, Taps ‘R’ Us has streamlined its operations, allowing owner Craig the flexibility to work part-time and take well-deserved holidays. This operational efficiency has been crucial in achieving work-life balance and contributing to the sustained growth of the business.

Think Big, But Start Small:

Taps ‘R’ Us had big dreams from day one; we made it our mission to do everything we could to get them there. Their journey started with a few products before slowly increasing their marketing investments as time went on and the business grew. Now, they’re utilising our full suite of digital marketing solutions.

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