133% Increase in Calls In 60 days — Evoke Building Group

Explore how Evoke Building Group transitioned from word-of-mouth to online marketing amid rising competition. Discover their budget-friendly, data-driven strategies to attract local customers and guide future marketing investments.

Who are Evoke Building Group

Evoke Building Group has been designing and building functional homes that meet the needs of today’s modern families in the Ballarat region for 18+ years. Working with local trades and suppliers to ensure that their projects are completed on time and on budget, they’re dedicated to providing top-notch service to the Ballarat community. Evoke is committed to sustainable building practices and offers a variety of eco-friendly plans and selections.

Project Brief

In the past, they’ve relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, allowing their great community reputation to drive business growth. But now, as more and more of their larger competition are moving online, they’ve started to feel the impact. They needed a budget friendly, results driven marketing strategy to help their business be found by locals. The team also wanted to learn more about their customers, so they can make data driven decisions about where to invest their marketing budget next.

The Strategy

Working closely with Evoke Building Group owner, Shannon McLure, we worked to audit their digital presence. Finding out exactly how and where their customers were finding them online. The audit identified gaps and opportunities in their digital presence. It proved instrumental in uncovering both areas of improvement and untapped potential within their digital presence. After careful consideration of budget and goals, it was collectively determined Google Business Profile Optimisation and a Localsearch Business Profile would be the most strategic move.

Google Business Profile Optimisation and Localsearch Business Profile, coupled to make Localsearch Plus, seamlessly expanded their business visibility across various Google channels, optimising it for efficient lead generation. It has also armed Shannon with valuable customer insights, enabling him to make informed, data-driven decisions in about his marketing.

The Results

Since enlisting Localsearch, Evoke Building Group have experienced incredible growth. Let’s take a look at the results over the last 60 days:

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