Tim Button

Digital Marketing Specialist

As someone who has been in branding and digital communications for over three decades, Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist Tim Button is no stranger to the importance of digital marketing for small businesses. Also known as ‘The Client Attraction Strategist’, Tim understands all the obstacles many Australian business owners face when trying to grow a business:

“Many Australian businesses have great products/services, clients, and staff that have been built up over years with a considerable investment of time, money, and effort by the owners. And the owners should be proud of what they have achieved.”

With a lot on their plate, it can be hard to make sure their business is being seen and reaching its full potential, which is why Tim loves to help business owners reach their goals.

“My biggest reward is to discover what is important to the business owner and what the business needs to make the difference. Once we know what is required we can deliver a solution that meets their needs so that they can enjoy their business!”

Originally from the UK, Tim has called Australia home for 25 years and still loves seeing Australia’s beautiful natural treasures when he can. Besides travelling, Tim also loves spending his time camping or relaxing at the beach.

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