Tara Burling

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tara Burling, also known as ‘Tars’, is a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist with more than 12 years of experience in the marketing industry. She grew up with her parents running their small business, so she understands the struggles and challenges many business owners face.

“I understand how demanding it is and the amount of hours required to work to keep the doors open. If there is any advice or strategy I can offer a business to help meet their business objectives and grow their profitability, I want to do it.”

By seeing what business owners go through from a young age, Tara has developed her career to help others who are going through similar situations, to be the helping hand and bringing calm to the chaos.

Tara grew up in Sydney, which is where she met her New Zealander fiancé, before they moved to Blenheim in New Zealand where they had their first child. After living in Blenheim for six years, they moved to the Sunshine Coast in Australia, where Tara now calls home. As a close family, they love spending time going to the different beaches up and down the coast and eating fish and chips.

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