Stephen Hodgson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Stephen ‘Hodgy’ Hodgson has been working in growing businesses for more than 15 years, focusing on digital growth in the last 7. In his time, he has helped build 1000s of ads, but now helps businesses match their needs, goals and budgets with the best digital marketing solutions on the market.

Stephen brings experience from a BA in Marketing from James Cook University and continues to learn further every day. When asked about why he loves digital marketing, he said,

“The great thing is, you can target customers locally where you want to trade, alternatively target the country, and even beyond. The opportunity is infinite for the right kind of person.”

While it’s hard to peel Stephen away from his work, he loves to play golf socially, garden and go land, sea or reef fishing. He says he’s yet to have a hole in one out on the green, but brings his green thumb to his many fruit trees.

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