Sonia Crowley

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sonia Crowley has been a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist for more than seven years, but is constantly developing her already impressive knowledge of the industry. She particularly enjoys guiding Australian businesses into the digital world and loves seeing how quickly technology changes and improves to bring better tools and results to her clients. 

“I love educating businesses on Google trends and the ever-changing, fast-paced world of technology. Helping them come up in searches where they were never found before is a real buzz for me and the clients.”

Helping Aussie businesses grow their online presence gives Sonia pride, as she’s happy when her clients are happy. 

Besides her passion for helping Australian businesses thrive online, Sonia also has many other personal interests. As a mother of two, there’s nothing she says she finds more fulfilling than raising her children. When she has the time, she also volunteers at a charity that is close to her heart. 

“I also volunteer on a charity called the Nude Lunch — Ovarian Cancer Exposed, which is very close to my heart as I had lost my sister in-law to Ovarian Cancer. We started off in 2016 and the event has now grown into Mackay largest seated charity event in Mackay, raising thousands of dollars for Ovarian cancer Australia, Ovarian Cancer research and also helping fund Mackay’s first dedicated Ovarian Cancer nurse.”

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