Lance Tanuvasa

Digital Marketing Specialist

While Lance is of a New Zealand-Samoan background, he now lives on the stunning Gold Coast, helping businesses grow using digital marketing. He holds a host of experience and Google Certificates, and has worked with some of Australia’s top agencies and publishers on digital marketing strategies.

Lance says over the years he sees businesses face the same problem of knowing their traditional marketing isn’t getting them as far they want but being intimidated by all the digital options available. For him, being able to guide them through their options, what will work best for their budget and goals is what keeps him going on the toughest day.

“I truly believe your business days are numbered if you do not have an online presence, and I will do all I can to help educate, guide and advise Gold Coasters of how they can future-proof their business.”

Known for being ‘the quiet one’, Lance is who people turn to when they someone to listen — businesses and Localsearch team alike. When he’s on the road travelling to businesses, Lance likes to sharpen his brain with audiobooks or other courses. Outside of work, he likes exploring the Gold Coast.

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