Kristie Nash

Digital Marketing Specialist

Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist Kristie Nash, also known as ‘Digital Kristie’ by some of her clients, has a deep understanding of digital marketing in Bundaberg and surrounds. She owned her own digital marketing agency for 10 years and still owns two businesses, which has given her invaluable knowledge and experience, which she uses when helping her own clients with their digital marketing.

“In the marketing space, I have a proven track record in specialising in the acquisition of new customers, automated marketing funnels, brand strategy and consistency, psychology of consumers, social media and digital advertising and creative content writing with the objective of converting ad spend to revenue. I also specialise in identifying ideal client profiles and how to find clients so you can attract them to your business.”

Besides her love for the technical side of digital marketing, Kristie also loves the reward of finding data that proves her efforts have worked.

“The data doesn’t lie! Data is what gets me out of bed each day — fact driven solutions with data to back it up.

Fortunately we are in a world now where data is readily available to us if we know where to look! And it’s these insights that allow me to best service customers to make informed decisions about growing their business and which journey they should go on.

I always look at it like a recipe: 1 cup of science + 1 cup of art. The ‘science’ is utilising and tapping in to the proven factual data and the art is the ‘pretty’ aka – colours, messaging, call to actions and how to get in front of your audience. That’s digital marketing.”

Outside of work, Kristie loves keeping her brain active with exercise, exciting experiences and learning new things she’s passionate about. Biking with her five-year-old son, doing all things creative, playing musical instruments, practicing yoga and playing tennis are just a few of her favourite activities.

In the last few years, Kristie found a passion for human rights, which is why she is also studying a Bachelor of Law to allow her to advocate for people in vulnerable situations. She also volunteers to help vulnerable people with their legals with any of the leftover time she has.

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