Johny Blaikie

Digital Marketing Specialist

With more than a decade of experience in Sales, Management and his own business ventures, Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist Johny Blaikie resonates with business owners trying to sort out their own digital marketing.

“My ethos is simple, to help people reach the best possible outcome in business dealings and all are rewarded for the honest and hard work that has been applied.”

Johny loves building relationships with his clients, who can rely on him to help guide them through their digital marketing journey.

“The best part about helping business’s grow online is the long term relationship that grows with it and the trust that is built over that time.”

Before moving to Australia, where he’s lived for 17 years, Johny lived in California and Canada. He loves family time with his wife and three kids, as well as playing sports, surfing, mountain biking and golfing, to name a few.

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