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Localsearch Little Legends program

Localsearch Little Legends

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Let’s Grow Little Sports Legends Together

What is the Little Legends Program?

If you’re heading up a junior sporting club, you’re probably juggling training, uniforms, equipment, and maybe travel too. All the while trying to make sure the kids are happy, healthy and having fun.

It’s certainly rewarding. But it can be demanding too. Which is why we’re here to help!

The Localsearch Little Legends Program is a three-year sponsorship initiative aimed at supporting junior sporting clubs throughout regional Australia.

What Does the Program Include?

In addition to sponsorship funding, our Little Legends Program loads you up with a range of valuable extras to suit your club’s individual needs.

Community Sponsorship

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Are you running a local community group or charity? Or maybe you’re just looking to make a difference?

Here at Localsearch, we’re proud to play an active role in our communities by supporting local causes that focus on the issues that we—and you—feel passionate about. 

The Localsearch Community Sponsorships Initiative is aimed at supporting and empowering local groups, charities and individuals to do remarkable things in their local community.

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What's included?

Check back soon to find out what’s included in our sponsorship packs

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