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Localsearch Nucleus Dashboard

The Nucleus all-in-one digital marketing dashboard is FREE with all Localsearch digital marketing packages. With one set of login details, you will easily see insights into all your digital marketing with Localsearch, giving you complete transparency into how your campaigns are working at growing your business.

If your digital marketing agency isn’t giving you an easy way to see your results…well, do we need to say more? Request a quote to see how Localsearch can help future-proof your business with results you can see.

Our All-in-One Digital Marketing Dashboard Includes...

Google Ads (PPC)

You know you’re investing in Google Ads for them to display you where your relevant target audience are searching for you, or re-marketing to them if they already know about you. However, how do you know if your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are working?

In the Nucleus all-in-one Google Ads dashboard, you’ll find everything you need to be confident your campaign is on track. You’ll see your Google Ads:

  • Impressions (number of people seeing your ads).
  • Clicks (how many people have clicked on those ads).
  • Conversions (including how many people have called you as a result of one of your Google Ads).
  • The search result terms you’re targeting and their effectiveness.
  • The devices people are using when they see your ads.
And so much more. To track your Google Ads results any time of day and night, you want to Localsearch Nucleus Dashboard — but you need to get onboard first. Talk us to find out how we can help you grow your business with the latest techniques in search engine marketing. 


Return on investment (ROI) for search engine optimisation (SEO) can be confusing. You’re not tracking calls and other conversion metrics specifically, so what’s the goal and how do you know if your SEO is working? 

In the Localsearch Nucleus SEO dashboard, you can check in at any time on how many people are visiting your website, how many of these are from organic search results, your average position on search engine result pages and more. You can also see the specific keywords you’re ranking the best in, what devices people are using when they visit your website and other handy tips so you know our Australian SEO specialists are doing everything to boost your results.

Remember, the Nucleus dashboard is only available for those currently with Localsearch, so if you want the ease and convenience of this all-in-one digital marketing dashboard, request a quote now.


website reporting dashboard

Your website is the cornerstone ensuring the success of all your other digital marketing — but do you know how it actually works for your business? In the Nucleus all-in-one digital marketing dashboard with Localsearch, you can see what campaigns are bringing the most traffic to your website, how many conversions you’re receiving on your site and so much more.

Knowing how your website works for your business can help you know where to invest in growing your business online. For example, if you have minimal organic traffic coming into your website, it may be time to invest in search engine optimisation. 

With all that said, remember, the dashboard is only for those who have built a website with Localsearch. Our website subscriptions start from only $29 a week, including website hosting, so if you want a great website and complete transparency of what value it brings to your business, contact us now.

website reporting dashboard

Social Media

social media marketing reporting dashboard

While social media marketing can be one of the most successful types of digital marketing you run, it can be hard to understand how it directly helps your business. In the Nucleus Dashboard, we show you the results you want to see and the ones you need to see.

For example, knowing your ad is reaching a large number of people is great, but knowing who those people are is even more important. We also show you which of the platforms you’re targeting are working the best for your audience, and how people are engaging with your ads.

Remember, the first three months of running your social media marketing campaigns can be the most confusing as the platforms get to know your business and campaigns. If you need help, request a quote now and we’ll give you all the guidance you need to make your social ads successful.

social media marketing reporting dashboard

GMBO (Google My Business Optimisation)

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing can put your business in more places than just your website, like Google Images and the Local Pack in search results. In Nucleus, you can see exactly where people are seeing your business, how they found you there, what they did when they found your business and more. You can even see how many reviews you’re generating every week, helping you know if you should be actively requesting more reviews from your customers.

There are many aspects of Google My Business which can help your business, so knowing you’re on the right track will help you know where to target your efforts. Of course, if you’re an expert in plumbing, hairdressing, cooking, making coffee, dancing or whatever your business does, and not digital marketing, you’re in luck, because we sure are!

Request a quote now to find out how we can help grow your business, and keep you in the loop with the Nucleus Dashboard.


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The Nucleus dashboard is a FREE product included with any digital marketing services with Localsearch. It has been specifically built with small businesses in mind, so if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to know!

Contact your local digital marketing specialist to find out how you can get connected on the all-in-one digital marketing Nucleus dashboard.

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