Dejan Mladenovski

Dejan Mladenovski

Head of Innovation

Dejan Mladenovski is Localsearch’s Head of Innovation, known for his fierce passion for search engine optimisation and always infectiously upbeat attitude. Joining the Localsearch team in 2021, Dejan is key in the success of’s own online presence, helping it become one of the top 100 websites in Australia by organic traffic.  

While Dejan’s background is in web development with a Degree in Computer Science, he taught himself the ins and outs of search engine optimisation (SEO) at the ripe age of 15. Fueled by his instant success, he went on to work in SEO as an affiliate, then as a solo consultant, led an SEO agency, and is now in his role as the Head of Innovation at Localsearch.

If Dejan’s list of accomplishments (including having the 6,000th largest website traffic in the world) isn’t enough, he speaks three languages and delves into astronomy in his spare time. However, he does say he loves to unwind to all sorts of street dance and dance music.   

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