Whybirds International Google Ads Case Study

For 150 years, Whybirds International has been a leading removalist, but in recent years, their marketing was eating their budget without achieving results—until they came to Localsearch. See how we saved Whybirds more than $300,000 a year while increasing their leads.
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About Whybirds International

How many businesses can say they’ve been around since 1857? Whybirds International can. 

Starting as Ipswich’s trusted local removalist service, they now help residential and commercial clients to relocate across the street or as far as the other side of the world. They move shipping containers, arrange storage, transport pets, organise packing and post-move cleans—whatever their clients need, they’ll provide.

While Whybirds has been able to maintain their position as a leader in the moving and storage industry for more than 150 years, they were falling more and more behind on the times with their digital marketing strategy, inhibiting their growth. To be honest, they did not really have a plan—before Localsearch came along.


The Problem

Having had their existing website built by a local provider with minimal knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO), there was definitely room for improvement. However, as a growing business, they had limited time or resources to ensure their website remained strong against the ever-changing online landscape.

So, with little-to-no leads coming through their website, they turned to a website aggregator to speed up the process. While the leads they received through the website aggregator may have been cheap, they had to buy far too many of them before they could convert any leads into a sale, sucking up internal resources.

Whybirds International weren’t the only ones relying on these leads and found they were always competing on prices against other removalists. This resulted in the price of acquiring the leads, almost outweighing the return on investment.

With so much money invested in these aggregator websites, they were stuck in a cycle, unable to grow their digital marketing strategy and explore their full potential online.

Solution 1: The Website

We came to Whybirds with a plan to expand their online communication with those familiar with the brand, as well as to create natural growth to reach potential clients who have had no previous interaction with the company. 

Our first job was to rebuild their website, utilising our team of talented web developers, designers, content writers and SEO experts to create a professional website that reflected Whybirds’ values and services. We ensured wherever the user was on the Whybirds website, they could easily submit a free quote or access contact details to get in touch with the removalist.

The main challenge for building their website was incorporating both B2C and B2B elements to reflect their residential and commercial services. Through the use of specific page names being displayed clearly at the top of the website, users were able to quickly locate what they needed.

Whybirds International Localsearch Case Study

Solution 2—Google Ads

Whybirds’ other problem was their excessive spend on aggregator sites to generate leads. With some convincing, we were able to switch their investment to the Google Ads platform to gain instant results.

As their main aim was to only spend time on legitimate leads, we focused their Google Ads campaign on re-marketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and life events through Gmail, targeting ‘moving’. This strategy led to an increase in quality leads in just 30 days.

Our search engine marketing specialists also used position-based attribution to allow us to see the upper funnel keywords. Using these keywords, we increased our bid for in-marketing audience by 30% to target users unfamiliar with the Whybirds International name, but looking for interstate and international movers. For our RLSA campaign, we increased the bid by 50% to primarily target those who’ve already had exposure to the brand.

The Result

As a result of Whybirds’ new website and our Google Ads strategy, the Ipswich-based removalist company was able to reduce their spend on aggregator websites by up to 75%—saving them more than $300,000 per year. 

Not only did this grow their online exposure and reduce their acquisition costs, it helped to bring in better quality leads. As a result, it took less work to convert potential customers into clients.

By rebuilding their website and making changes to reflect Google’s SEO algorithms as they’re required, we’ve helped Whybirds International build a future online. With the right advice, they can lead the way in the moving industry for another century. 

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