Automated Online Booking System

Reduce your no-shows and grow your business, all while simplifying your scheduling process with our booking system.

Our online booking system is coming soon. Get in touch to register your interest.

Booking calendars on phone and desktop with reminders

61% of Australians say they find it a hassle to book over the phone. Plus, statistics suggest 80% of your front office staffs’ time is spent on managing phone bookings. So, not only are you missing out on customers, you’re wasting money too. Not anymore!

Unchain yourself from your desk with our fully automated online booking system. No more paper diaries with scrawled notes and misheard phone numbers. Your customers do all the work by filling in their information and preferred booking time. All you need to do is watch the notifications of your new appointments rolling in on your smartphone.

Booking calendars on phone and desktop with reminders

What else can our booking system do?

Multi-Platform Bookings Dashboard

You'll be able to see bookings, wherever they've come from, on one dashboard on your phone or computer. From there, you can accept the booking, which sends a confirmation to your customer. Easy as pie.

Individual Staff Calendars

Your customers can now select their preferred staff member. Having a calendar for each employee lets you easily see who need needs to be where and when, as well as prevent double-up appointments.

Reduce Your Bottom Line Expense

Waiting until you can sit down at your computer to answer a quote or estimate could mean you've already missed out on claiming a new customer. With our booking system, your quotes and estimates come to your phone with all the info you need to book then and there.

Notifications and Reminders

Not only does our booking system send you a reminder for upcoming appointments, it sends your customer one too. No more no-shows!

Localhub Booking Packages

Ready to get started? With one of our affordable packages, you’ll receive a full CRM, booking software and access to our life-changing digital marketing and tools—all for one price. You have the choice of the self service options or have our experts do it all for you.

The Connect package is based on a 12-month term, which defaults to month-to-month at the end of the period.

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Roughly 40% of bookings are made after hours. Need we say more?

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