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Handling Negative Online Reviews

Dealing With Negative Reviews Online in 2021

While a study of showed only 9% of submitted reviews in last 12 months were less than 5 stars, it’s crucial to know how dealing with negative reviews online in 2021 can impact your reputation. In fact, negative reviews can even help improve your reputation online. Find out how…

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This Week’s Tech, Digital and Business News: 19 – 23 April 2021

Looking for this weeks news for small businesses in Australia? Keep reading to find our highlights for this week’s tech, digital and business news.

This week, exciting new advertising opportunities and funds for Aussie businesses were announced, among other top stories.

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This Week’s Tech, Digital and Business News: 6 – 9 April

Check out this week’s tech, digital and business news to discover our top picks relevant to small businesses.

Keep reading to take a dive into this week’s news, including new advertising abilities on top platforms, search engine updates to keep an eye on and more…

copyright scam australia

New Copyright Infringement Notice Scam Targeting Website Owners

If you receive a copyright infringement notice in the coming weeks, be careful before you click! A new phishing scam is targeting website owners with fake copyright infringement notices. Here’s what to do if you think you have received such an email.

Website data on laptop.

How to know if your digital marketing is working?

Interpreting the success of your digital marketing efforts can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the data. Here’s your easy guide to understanding what to look for to determine the success of your digital marketing.

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