Localsearch is a Facebook Marketing Partner!

Localsearch has just been named a Facebook Marketing Partner, but what does this mean for your business?

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We are proud to officially announce Localsearch is a Facebook Marketing Partner! While this is great news for us, it’s even better news for you and your social media marketing.

What is a Facebook Marketing Partner? 

Facebook Marketing Partners are part of a global network of third-party agencies vetted by Facebook as providing some of the highest success rates within their industry. Those selected have a proven track record in either Facebook Advertising (launching, managing and measuring campaigns), selling (getting businesses set up online, supporting customers and fulfilling orders) or engagement (community management and messaging.)

However, becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner is not as simple as adding the badge to your website and business profiles.

How do you become a Facebook Marketing Partner? 

To become a recognised partner, agencies and marketers must meet a high standard of performance and service. However, Facebook does keep the process of becoming a partner quite unknown, with the guidance to subscribe to their newsletter. 

The qualifications for becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner may depend if you’re an agency, commerce provider, creative platform, technical service or another business. Similar to being a Google Premier Partner (which Localsearch is also), Facebook Marketing Partners must maintain their success rate or risk losing the title.

Every 18-months, Facebook reassess their partners on the qualifying requirements. Partners are assessed on spend, qualifying placements, qualifying spend and active pages.

What can a Facebook Marketing Partner do for your business? 

1. Facebook specific resources.  

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner allows us to provide Australian businesses with the latest resources and support in a timely manner. Our social media specialists are also guided by Facebook in best practices for messaging, content creation and getting the best possible results for our clients’ Facebook Ads

2. Direct Facebook support. 

Like any platform, Facebook has its moments. Unfortunately, support isn’t always the easiest to get from them if there is an issue with ads, payment or the platform itself.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we have access to troubleshooting with a Facebook expert. This is great news for our clients, as they offer support for finance, product and operational issues.

3. API, technical and creative support.

Facebook Marketing Partners have access to a whole range of additional badges depending on the services you provide as an agency or business. Each badge provides further support for specific areas including API reporting connections, creative abilities for creating advanced ads and more.

Why is social media marketing so important?

In 2020, organic social media algorithms are beginning to tighten for businesses, decreasing their reach. The solution has become social media marketing, where the brand awareness and return on investment (depending on your campaign) open up doors to endless people, depending on your budget.

Through the use of targeted Facebook campaigns, you can allocate who sees your ad and when, even using the data of existing website visitors or client ‘lookalike’ audiences. The best part about Facebook Ads is being able to set your budget and then only paying when someone sees or clicks on your ad, depending on your setup.

Why invest in Facebook Ads when you can just boost posts? Put simply, boosting a post, while it does put your content in front of lots of eyes, they often aren’t the eyes you want. Unlike Facebook Ads, boosting does not target a specific audience, rendering it useless to most businesses. 

With Localsearch’s Mid-Winter Sale, you can access cutting-edge Social Media Marketing from only $69 a week. Contact us now to request a quote.

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