Australia’s 10 Best Online Directories for Building Backlinks

12 October, 2018

12 mins read

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You’ve probably stumbled on this article because you’re looking for more ways to build backlinks, so you probably already know the benefits. If this is true, you can scroll straight down to the list—we won’t be offended, we promise.

Now, for those who don’t quite understand backlinks yet and how they can help improve your search engine optimisation, bare with us. We’re going to run you through what backlinks are, how they will benefit your business and finally, 10 online directories in Australia you can list your business quickly, and in most cases, for free.

Backlinks for SEO

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a website link embedded on someone else’s website. So, if someone clicks on the link, it takes them to your site. For example, you own a café and have a website, amongst other things. You list your website on a few online business directories with all your information, including your website URL. This is a backlink. Another example would be if a blogger reviewed your business and placed your URL somewhere in their article.

How do backlinks help my website?

You’ve probably heard about a thing called search engine optimisation (SEO), which is a process of improving your website so it’s easier found on Google, Bing and other search engine platforms.

How does backlinking improve your SEO? Google (and other search engines) love websites with quality content they believe will be valuable to the user. So, when your website URL is displayed on another website or online business directory that is relevant to your industry, you’re seen as an authoritative figure on the topic.

In saying this, non-quality backlinks can have a negative impact on your SEO. More does not necessarily mean better. Every backlink should be located on a site or area of a directory relevant to your business. For example, if you bake and decorate wedding cakes, you would want to list your business under wedding industry categories or websites. You wouldn’t list yourself under a category for DJs or jumping castle hire.

What is the easiest way to create quality backlinks?

Two words—business directories. Claim your listings! There is an endless stream of online business directories where your business name is either listed already or could be shown; but not all of these directories will be good for your SEO.

Instead of you having to figure out what online business directories make the perfect foundation for backlinking success, we’ve done the work for you. So, without further ado…

10 Australian Business Directories for Easy Backlinking


We may be a little bias on this one, but with more than 2 million website visits to our online directory a month, it’s with good reason. It’s completely free to list your business or claim your profile page, and there’s also some nifty upgrades if you’re looking to grow your business more online. Currently we specialise in regional areas of Australia, with plans to cover Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other metro areas soon. Discover more about Localsearch Online.


While is where you can find businesses, you’ll need to visit if you want to claim or edit your own listing. This is another free-to-list online directory with a few upgrade options to jazz up your profile for more engagement.


If you’re not in the hospitality, accommodation, general transport, retail or entertainment industry, you can skip this one. TripAdvisor is an online directory aimed at travellers needing flights, hotels and food, drink or things to do near them. For those who fit into this category, go claim your profile!

True Local

According to True Local, they receive a tidy 1.1 million searches a month, so if you haven’t listed your business with them yet, get on it. It’s free to sign up and to include your website on your profile page. As with the other online directories, there are packages to upgrade your profile if you want to climb their lists.

Sensis (Yellow Pages)

The Yellow online business directory is another free place to list your products or services; although you will need to upgrade your profile if you want to display more than your standard contact details.


While SuperPages may not be as well known as some of the other online directories on this list, it’s well worth claiming your listing. Again, the most basic profile (with the option to add your website URL) is free to claim, and you also have the option of upgrading to make use of their other features.


Don’t underestimate the power of a simple-looking directory like AussieWeb. It’s free to claim your listing and it’s another opportunity to have your website link front and centre (or off to one side if you want to be technical) for browsers looking for a product or service you provide.

Word of Mouth (WOMO)

Word of Mouth markets themselves as a review site more than an online business directory, however for those looking to gain more backlinks, it’s a golden opportunity. Even if you’re not too fussed about this platform, it’s good to check your detail anyways as most of the listings are created by the users wanting to review a business.


Hotfrog may not be the cleanest looking business directory online, but it does the trick. If your business is already on a list, you can update the information. Or, if you’re looking to add yourself to the Hotfrog directory, you just need to register your business details.


Lucky last on the list is StartLocal. You’ll find registering your business is free, with basic features such as adding your website (hello, backlink) included. Paying for a featured listing will put you in more lists, but if your aim is to just have more backlinks, you should be fine with a free profile.

One last thing…

It doesn’t matter if you’re claiming your listing, adding your business to a directory or updating your information; your details need to be the same across the board. Your NAP (a fancy acronym for name, address, phone number), is how Google, Bing and other search engines identify your business.

Wherever your NAP is displayed online (also known as a citation) needs to be consistent with your branding. So, if you use an ampersand, rather than and in your business name, prefer to list your mobile number over a landline or have a specific way to write your address, ensure you do it the same everywhere you list your business. It would also be wise to use some sort of listing management tool or software so if you ever need to update any of your details, you can do so with just one click, instead of having to visit every citation.

And there you have it—Australian’s top 10 online business directories for backlinking. Until next time, happy backlinking!

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