16 Announcements at Google Marketing Live 2022 & More 

26 May, 2022

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This was a big week for SEO and Google Ads regarding the announcements made at Google’s Marketing Live and May Broad Core Update.

These announcements should gain the attention of business owners as the updates can affect website rankings and advertising opportunities.

The top business and marketing news highlights this week were:

  • This Instagram test might impact your content strategy.
  • Queensland Small Business Hardship Appeal.
  • ‘Recurring notifications’ for business messaging on Meta.
  • YouTube releases new separate data tabs.
  • Google announces new Ad tools at Marketing Live 2022.
  • Meta’s adding more ad targeting information.
  • LinkedIn launches insight video series about its feed algorithm.
  • Google’s May 2022 broad core update.

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 23 May 2022 to 27 May 2022

Queensland Small Business Hardship Appeal

The Small Business Commissioner’s Office has partnered with GIVIT to help business owners through a new hardship appeal.

The Small Business Hardship Appeal has launched in response to hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, floods and bushfires.

GIVIT’s CEO, Sarah Tennant, stated:

“Whether it’s new tools for a tradie suffering from financial hardship, or furniture for a café that lost everything in the floods, these requests can be listed on GIVIT.org.au for generous Queenslanders to browse what’s needed and donate.”

Small businesses can contact 1300 312 344 to connect with Small Business Hardship Appeal partners.

This Instagram Test Might Impact Your Content Strategy

Instagram is testing new ways for users to view Stories by hiding posts after a certain frame count and encouraging users to click the ‘Show all’ prompt in the top left of the screen.

If you frequently use Stories for your content strategy, make sure you are checking if Instagram is testing this feature through your account.

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YouTube Releases NEW Separate Data Tabs

YouTube is rolling out improved analytics options within YouTube Studio for videos, Shorts, live streams and posts. The new feature will provide more insight into the individual performance of each content type.

The platform has begun rolling out that the Reach and Engagement tabs in Studio will update to a ‘Content’ tab. Allowing users to access separate data for each content type.

‘Recurring Notifications’ for Business Messaging on Meta

Meta has announced they will be launching ‘Recurring Notifications’ on its Messenger Platform to allow businesses to send ‘proactive, automated messages, to people who have opted in to receiving them, that drive re-engagement and keep the conversation going, right in the thread’.

The feature is currently available to businesses who use the Messenger platform via a free trial period.

Meta’s Adding More Ad Targeting Information

Meta has implemented data protection measures for users’ personal data and insight while providing more clarity on how different groups target their messaging.

The transparency update is helpful for advertisers to gain insight into their competitors while providing benefits to understanding how Meta’s ad targeting system is being used.

Google Announces New Ad Tools at Marketing Live 2022

Google Marketing Live 2022 brought the announcement of 16 changes to improve video ads, automation and a preview of forward-looking technologies to come.

Video Ads Updates

Google will be actioning more ads in YouTube Shorts, and Google Discover. At the same time, Google is providing the opportunity to use Display & Video 360 to create connected TV campaigns.

Advancements In Automation

The platform will be updating the following Performance Max campaigns:

  • A/B testing.
  • Expanded campaign management support in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app.
  • Ability to optimise for in-store sales.
  • New performance data such as attribution, audience and auction insights.
  • Optimisation score and recommendations.

Attribution Insights, Budget Insights and Audience Insights will be new reports added to the Insights Page.

Other new features to advance automation include:

  • Improvements to responsive search ads.
  • Mobile-first layouts for responsive display ads.
  • All new asset library.
  • Expansion of optimisation score.

Forward-Looking Technologies

New forward-looking features we will see being rolled out include Conversion Lift Tests, Search Lift Tests, Google Tag and My Ad Center.

Google’s May 2022 Broad Core Update

Google’s core algorithm update will roughly take 1–2 weeks to roll out. It is important to keep an eye on the update as it can affect your website’s rankings.

Unsure what core updates are?

Google Stated:

LinkedIn Launches Insight Video Series About Its Feed Algorithm

LinkedIn has released an informative video series called Mythbusting the Feed. The platform’s goal is to be transparent with users about the latest updates.

The first episode Mythbusting the Feed: What conversations are welcomed on LinkedIn? can be found via LinkedIn and will soon be followed by:

  • Mythbusting the Feed: How the Algorithm Works and Personalising the Feed
  • Mythbusting the Feed: Content Distribution and How We Work to Address Bias
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